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100 Look out! It's a radscorpion!
101 Looking closer, this scorpion appears to be wearing wire-rimmed glasses. It actually looks quite intelligent and non-threatening.
102 ::click:: ::click clack::
103 Can I help you with something? You're disrupting my experiments!
104 ::scuttle:: ::click click click::
105 What? What do you want with him?
106 Hiss!
107 Good boy! Stand up for yourself!
108 [it regards you warily]
109 [it makes gestures with its claws]
110 [it almost looks friendly]
111 Please don't bother the scorpion. He's had a rough day.
112 He's a little under the weather right now.
113 ::scuttle::
114 ::click::
115 ::click-clack::
116 ::sharpen::

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