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100 You see a bemused man in a lab coat.
101 You see the Professor. He looks like he's engaged in some madcap scheme.
102 You see a bemused man in a lab coat surrounded by laboratory equipment. There's an insane gleam in his eye.
103 You again?
104 What is it you want? Out with it! I'm a busy man!
105 Noo beezy?
106 Test!
107 Who are you? And what's with the scorpion?
108 I'd like to take one of your tests.
109 Nothing. Bye.
110 Ah, a test subject! Would you like to take a test, my friend?
111 Yes!
112 No!
113 You wish to take a test, eh? Do you want to test your hands, your eyes, or your brains?
114 'Ands!
115 Yeyes!
116 Rains!
117 None!
118 Then why are you wasting my time? I told you I'm busy, didn't I? I have too much to do to stand around wasting time talking to people like ... why am I still talking to you? Good day!
119 Byeeeeee!
120 Err... yeah. Bye.
121 You wish to take a test, eh? Do you want to test your manual dexterity, your perception, or your intelligence?
122 I'd like to test my agility.
123 Let's test my eyes.
124 How about my smarts?
125 Hmm. None of them. Forget it.
126 Very well. I'll be matching you against the scorpion. You will both attempt to unlock those boxes. Good luck.
127 Go!
128 Let's do it.
129 Right. You'll stand behind this rail, and you and the scorpion will tell me the letters you read, from top to bottom, left to right.
130 Go!
131 Got it. Let's go.
132 You and the scorpion will be playing a game of my own devising. I call it "chess". Are you ready?
133 'Es!
134 Yep. I'm ready.
135 I am the Professor. What I do is applied intelligence testing. I create chemical compounds to increase intelligence. I'm trying some out on this radscorpion here, after my failure with the plant.
136 You tried it out on a plant?
137 I'd like to take a test.
138 Have you made anything that works?
139 I see. That's all I wanted to know. Bye.
140 Of course I tried it out on a plant! I'm trying to increase intelligence from the ground up!
141 I see. Have you made anything that works?
142 I'd like to take a test.
143 That's all I wanted to know.
144 Yes, I have, thank you very much! You ever hear of "Mentats"? I helped develop a method for easy mass-production of that chem! And others! Lots of others!
145 All right, all right. Say, I'd like to try out my skills against your scorpion.
146 All right, I believe you. I'll just be leaving.
147 How... how could you kill my scorpion like that? I was close... so close...
148 Shamble off
200 Woo hoo! Beat THAT, Mr. Exoskeleton.
201 Wooooooo Hoooo!
202 Damn it!
203 Aaaargh!
204 ::click clack::
205 How the hell did you pick a lock with CLAWS?
206 How U pik wiff CLAWS?
207 ::chitter::
208 Well, that was a tie.
209 You lose. Scorpion:
210 ,
211 :
212 .
213 Errr?
214 You have proven that you are just as agile as the radscorpion.
215 Here, take these Mentats. You appear to need them.
300 E...Z...W...T...O...D...F...E..R...T...F...P...Y...J...M
301 Yes, that's correct.
302 M...O...O...Moo?
303 Uh...no, I'm sorry. That's way off.
304 ::chitter chitter:: ::click clack:: ::chirp (tail swing)::
305 Correct! Good boy! Gooooood boy! Your Morse code skills are improving nicely.
306 You have proven that you are just as perceptive as the radscorpion.
400 Checkmate ::click::
401 WHAT? You cheated!
402 Ecmat?
403 Don't be a sore loser.
404 and...checkmate!
405 Chekmaaate!
406 ::chitter:: Kill plant! ::click-clack-click::

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