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100 You see a short, spry gentleman.
101 You see Micky, the treasure hunter.
102 This very short man looks friendly and brave. His gaze darts around as if looking for shiny objects.
103 Hey there, friend! Haven't seen any jewels or precious metals lying around anywhere, have ya'?
104 Once again, you generously grace me with your presence. Any hidden treasure caches lying about that I should be aware of?
105 So, any riches you need tracked down? I'm the best of the best!
106 No trezhuur tooday.
107 Yah. Need yur help.
108 Who U?
109 Bye.
110 No, not today. If I run across any, I'll let you know, though.
111 Well, yes, actually. I think you'd be the perfect partner for a, shall we say, "joint venture.".
112 What's your name?
113 Never mind.
114 Me? I'm Micky, suave and debonaire Treasure Hunter of Broken Hills.
115 Hunnterr?
116 Bye-bye.
117 Treasure Hunter?
118 How nice. Good day.
119 Don't tell me you haven't heard of me! You've never been told of the tales of the Fast Micky? Of his running gun battles, two-fisted action, and pernicious plunderings?
120 Nup.
121 I'm afraid I've never had the pleasure.
122 Well, you're missing out, friend. One of these days I'll have to fill you in on the gory details.
123 Goodeee.
124 I'll be waiting with bated breath.
125 Oh well. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. The market for Treasure Hunters has really dropped in recent years. The whole death and famine and fight-for-survival thing really hurts people's sense of adventure. Keep me in mind, though, if anything comes up.
126 Okee-dokee.
127 You'll be the first on my list.
128 Really?! That's great! What'll it be? Gold? Jewels? Sacred artifacts?
129 Lotsa cash.
130 Nebbermind.
131 Apparently, a good bit of cash. Enough to live comfortably on for a long while.
132 Well, actually, I think I'll work on it myself for a little longer.
133 Wow! This is the break I've been waiting for. Whadda' ya say? Are we partners 50/50?
134 Yahh!
135 Nup. Bye
136 Oh, you bet.
137 On second thought, I think I'll see if I can't get it myself. See you later.
138 Excellent! So what's the story? Where are the bad guys? Whadda' ya want me to do?
139 Come wiff me! Go in dark place.
140 Let's just say, you'll be spending some time in the local "caverns".
141 Sweet! Just point me in the right direction!
142 Where trezhur? Downtown?
143 Well, I'm not really sure yet. I was told that I might find some treasure around here.
144 What? In the downtown area? Ha! Whoever told you that is either lying or insane. With the exception of some of the more foul and dank localities of Broken Hills, I've been all through this entire town and I haven't found a thing. I'm actually thinking of moving on.
145 Too baadd. Bye-Bye.

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