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100 You see a burly old mutant.
101 You see Marcus the Mutant, sheriff of Broken Hills.
102 You see a burly old mutant with a weary cast to his face. He still looks vigorous and tough.
103 Well, what the hell. I haven�t seen one of those outfits for a long, long time. Takes me back.
104 What do you want, human?
105 Something else you wanted?
106 Uggie.
107 Who are you?
108 What�s the story with this place?
109 Why aren�t you mutants attacking me?
110 What�s the news?
111 I have something I wanted to tell you.
112 You wanna travel with me?
113 Bye.
114 Yeah, I�m a ugly mutant. I also run this place. You got a problem with that?
115 Uh!
116 Nuh.
117 You wanna fight me?
118 Uh!
119 Nuh.
120 Take your best shot, human.
121 Good.
122 Keep your nose clean and you won�t get into trouble.
123 Uh?
124 I�m Marcus. Helped build the place. Now I�m sheriff.
125 You helped build this place? That must have been a long time ago�
126 Bullshit. How could you have been around that long?
127 Bye.
128 Long story. Want it short or the whole thing?
129 Give me the short version.
130 Hell, I�m not too busy. Let�s hear it all.
131 Neither. I have more questions.
132 Neither. See ya.
133 Right. Me and a human named Jacob built this place around that old bank about 60 years ago. Anyone�s welcome here, long as they keep the peace.
134 Great. I have more questions.
135 Fair enough. Bye.
136 Right...After the Master and the vats were destroyed, I wandered a bit. No place to go. One day got attacked by this fool wearin� power armor.
137 Really?
138 That was Jacob, from the Brotherhood of Steel. He�d sworn some oath to destroy muties. We tussled for a while � probably a day or two. After a while, we just started laughing. What was the point?
139 Then what?
140 We became friends. Headed off together. Then other people started following us. Guess they figured if they weren�t safe with a mutie and a Steel Knight, safe just wasn�t going to happen.
141 So you set up here. Why?
142 Uranium mine. I knew there was one around from old maps. Now anybody�s welcome here � �long as they act right. Others might not think much of us, but nobody�s more free than we are. There ya go.
143 Wait� you were friends with a guy from the Brotherhood?
144 What, you�re not killing humans anymore?
145 Thanks. There I go. Bye.
146 Oh, what sinkhole are you from? Muties and normals made peace a long time ago.
147 I�m from a village founded by the original Vault Dweller.
148 From a village to the north west.
149 Oh. My mistake. Well, thanks. Bye.
150 What�s news� what�s news�
151 Well, gettin� kind of worried about one of our caravan guys. Chad. He might be skimming. You up to checking him out for me?
152 What�s in it for me?
153 Sure. I�ll do it.
154 I�m a little busy.
155 You have anything else?
156 My undying gratitude. Right?
157 Good enough for me.
158 No good. I want something.
159 How �bout more questions while I think it over.
160 Let me think about it. Bye.
161 That ain�t good enough for you? Then get out.
162 Bye.
163 Got a little trouble with the mine. If you�re interested in helping fix it, go talk to Zaius, the mine foreman.
164 Where can I find him?
165 You got anything else?
166 I have more questions.
167 Maybe later. Bye.
168 Usually at the mine. Sometimes the saloon.
169 Got anything else?
170 I have more questions.
171 Bye.
172 Somebody busted two lunatics out of the jail in the Bank. Find �em. Tell me and I�ll stuff �em back in.
173 Got anything else?
174 I have more questions.
175 Bye.
176 What exactly do you want? Okay. We�ve got some folks missing. No idea what�s happened. Find �em, get $500.
177 I�ll do it for free.
178 $500? Sounds good.
179 I don�t have time.
180 I have more questions.
181 Bye.
182 Great. Let me know when you�ve found something, right?
183 Sure. I have more questions.
184 Will do. Bye.
185 Yeah? What?
186 You wanted me to find those missing people. I�ve found some tunnels below the city. They might be there.
187 I�ve found those missing people. They�re in tunnels beneath the city.
188 Those two escaped convicts? They�re in cahoots with Jacob and Aileen. They're hiding out around Jacob's Pharmacy.
189 Jacob and Aileen asked me to break two people out of jail. I think they�ve got a plan how to do it.
190 Jacob and Aileen want me to blow up the mine. Thought you might want to know.
191 A scientist from NCR wants to try an experimental chem that�ll wipe out mutants. Be careful of what you eat and drink.
192 Chad took $6000 from the rep in Gecko. The rep was complaining about the price� said it�d been going up.
193 Chad kept about $1000 from the last uranium shipment for himself. He's planning on bailing outta town.
194 Nothing. Forget it.
195 Tunnels under the city? Guess it�s not that surprising with the mines around. You�ll keep looking around for those folks, right?
196 Right.
197 They�re dead? Damn� I�ll tell the families myself.
198 Here�s your reward. $500. Thanks for your time.
199 Oh, hey, I know you said you�d do this for free, but take this as our thanks.
200 Sure.
201 Right. Me and my deputies will take it from here...And, thanks. I don�t forget things like this.
202 No prob. Bye.
203 What is it people got against mutants? We'll be on the lookout. Thanks. The town owes you. And I never forget things like this.
204 My pleasure. Bye.
205 Keep your eye on him, will you? I want to catch him red-handed.
206 No problem.
207 Well, in that case, we�d better be sure to stop him. Want to come along?
208 Sure.
209 No, thanks.
210 You want me to come along with you? Ah, what the hell, I�m too old to settle down. We goin� now?
211 Yes.
212 No, not right now.
213 Ah, there�s too much going on right now. When things calm down, then I just might.
214 Sure. I got more questions.
215 Bye.
216 Damn right. Best friend I ever had.
217 Yeah, right, you would�ve dipped him just like everyone else.
218 Bye.
219 Hell, yes, I would've. What a great mutant he would�ve been.
220 I don't think he'd be happy to hear you say that.
221 Bye.
222 (laughs) We had this argument all the time. (sigh) I miss that hard-head.
223 What about the Master�s hatred for humans?
224 I still think it�s a rotten fate.
225 Bye.
226 You�re talking a long time ago. The world�s moved on. You want to hear ancient history?
227 Definitely.
228 Not right now. I�d like to ask some other questions, though.
229 Not right now. I�ll talk to you later.
230 Right. Well, never really HATED humans. We just had a better way. These new governments, they think they've got all the answers. Blah, blah. Been there, seen that, got the scars.
231 So what was the better way?
232 The Master wanted to elevate everyone to his level, so we wouldn�t fight each other anymore. He was convinced we wouldn�t do it by ourselves � couldn�t. We had to be forced to evolve.
233 Do you agree?
234 While Jacob was alive, I thought the Master was wrong. But it seems that while some men can heed the call and rise above it all, most just run away.
235 So you think the Master was right?
236 Jacob heard the call and embraced it. So did the Vault Dweller. But no matter how many rise above, the masses will always destroy them, right?
237 Maybe.
238 The Master just wanted everyone to see clearly. The Vault Dweller ended that dream.
239 Sounds like you admired and hated the Vault Dweller at the same time.
240 You were a human. How can you justify what the Master did to you?
241 So you think the Master�s plan was right?
242 I�m descended from the original Vault Dweller, you know.
243 You�re right. If all humans fought for what they believed in like that, we wouldn�t have needed the Master�s plan in the first place.
244 The Master wanted to enslave humanity!
245 Interesting spin. I gotta go.
246 Don't forget, I knew the folks involved. They were the best humanity had to offer. Your people are going to tell the story a different way, right?
247 Err� maybe. Umm, I have more questions.
248 Wrong!
249 The "original Vault Dweller"? You mean the one who killed the Master and destroyed the vats?
250 Ummm� yes.
251 Damn right. Gonna do something about it, mutie?
252 Nooo� this is someone else. I don�t know what you�re talking about.
253 Not a problem. Like I said, that was a long time ago.
254 I�m not afraid of you.
255 Why did you hate humans back then?
256 No reason to be, unless you cross me or someone in my town. Be civilized, that�s all I ask.
257 I�ll keep it in mind. I have more questions.
258 I�ll keep it in mind. Bye.
259 Lemme make this clear: Nothing�s going to happen here unless you start it. Just stay civilized while you�re in my town.
260 Yeah, right. I have more questions.
261 Yeah, right. Bye.
262 My memories of being a human aren't as clear as they once were, but I remember pettiness, hatred, jealousy... I prefer being a mutant.
263 So you think the Master�s plan was right?
264 Huh. You�re a lot uglier this way. Bye.
265 Then you�re fine. Bye.
266 It was flawed. We should have only taken the best. Look around. Most mutants didn't have the mind or will to withstand the strain. (sigh) If only we had chosen better�
267 So you would have dipped Jacob? Or the Vault Dweller?
268 Yeah, that�s a tragedy. Well, see ya later!
269 You ever get back there, tell them the war�s over. It's been over a long time.
270 Ummm. Okay. I have more questions.
271 Sure thing. Bye.
272 Thanks for your help. Could�ve been trouble. We took their weapons cache and disabled their bombs.
273 Great! I have some questions...
274 Hey, I found something out.
275 Didn�t learn anything.
276 Too many people. I�ve done my traveling with a horde.
277 I thought you were one of the good ones. I ain�t coming with you.
278 I�m not coming with you right now. Sorry. [He looks you up and down distastefully.]
279 All right.
280 That scares the living crap outta me.
281 Ain�t much in the wasteland frightens me� that does.
282 You must be as stupid as you look if you�re gonna fight me.
283 Kickin� some ass� again.
284 It�s almost too easy.
285 Don�t you have some friends who can help ya even this out?
286 Had enough?
287 Got it. Just so you know.
288 Humph. Something wasn�t right.
289 You want me back now?
290 Okay.
291 Not just yet. Goodbye.
292 What do you want?
293 How are you feeling?
294 Heal yourself.
295 I need you to wait here until I come back.
296 That�s it for now.
297 I�m all set.
298 Got nothing that�ll slow us down.
299 You got anything to help?
300 Maybe you should have a look at this.
301 Use your skills to heal yourself.
302 Never mind.
303 OK
304 I'll just stay here and tighten the vises on my shoulder.
305 Never mind.
306 OK
307 North.
308 Northwest.
309 West.
310 Southwest.
311 South.
312 Southeast.
313 East.
314 Northeast.
315 Don�t ask me. I don�t know.
316 Yep.
317 Right.
318 Nope.
319 Why�re you talking to me like this?
320 Not very nice.
321 Thanks.
322 This is good.
323 This ain�t good.
324 I like this. A lot.
325 I have a bad feeling about this.
326 These people are nuts.
327 Didn�t learn anything.
328 Learned something.
329 Is anyone here sane?
330 Gotta be another way.
331 Follow me.
332 Try this.
333 Come here.
334 Found something you might want to see.
335 Far as I can tell, it�s safe to camp here.
336 Ain�t safe to camp here.
337 We can rest here.
338 I got lucky.
339 Fix this, would you?
340 Turn this on.
341 This thing needs to be unlocked.
342 You gonna open this?
343 Might want to come back here later.
344 I don�t understand.
345 I dunno.
346 Ow.
347 That really hurts.
348 That can�t feel good�
349 Uh... when you said 'I hope she doesn't get pregnant' in the Cat's Paw in New Reno, what did you mean?

I don't know, and I would rather not guess.

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