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100 You see a scruffy man in worn-down clothing.
101 You see Manson, one of the local hate militia.
102 You see a young man with a scraggly beard, tattered clothing, and an insane yet somehow trusting gleam in his eye.
103 What?!
104 Duhhh� gabba gabba hey?
105 I knyou bars?
106 Who are you?
107 Why are you in jail?
108 Tell me about Broken Hills.
109 Nothing. Forget it.
110 Don�t unnerstand that freaky stupid-person talk. You just get on outta here �fore ya make me stupid too.
111 Oh!
112 Manson. Rebel �gainst society.
113 What are you rebelling against?
114 Yeah! Fight the power!
115 Loser in society, more like.
116 Manson?
117 I � see. Bye!
118 I�m here cuz me and Franc were working against what society wants us to believe.
119 And that is�
120 Yeah! Fight the power!
121 Broken Hills? Lived here all my life. That�s how I know all the bad stuff that goes on here. That�s why I know how evil the mutants all are. It�s a good thing there are some of us who see the truth.
122 Yeah, I�ll say. Fight the power, huh?
123 You�re seeing hatred, and that�s not the truth.
124 Perhaps you ought to realize that the only blinders you have are the ones you allow other people to put on you, and that preaching the politics of hatred only makes you look more stupid.
125 Yeah. Bye.
126 Society wants us to believe that humans and mutants are meant to live together. But the mutants are out to kill us! At least, that�s what Franc says.
127 You really like Franc, huh?
128 That�s gotta be the dumbest thing I ever heard.
129 All right. Bye.
130 That�s right! We gotta� umm� think for ourselves! That�s what Franc and Jacob always say!
131 Wow, you really suck up to those two. Why not try thinking for yourself instead of parroting what other people tell you?
132 You really like Franc, huh?
133 Bye.
134 What would you know, you jerk? Get the hell out of here before you get hurt!
135 Back in the olden days, there was a guy who told us all we hadda think fer ourselves. My mom and dad said he was related to me. He died in prison, but he was really influential to me. People said he was really smart. I think they were right. I mean, look at me!
136 Umm� yeah. Look at you.
137 You? Smart? Ha!
138 Sure. Bye.
139 Wha�?
140 Nothing.
141 Yeah, I think he�s one of the wisest people I ever knew. Jacob�s smart, but he ain�t as straight up as Franc.
142 Franc�s just a virulent scumbag. He won�t get you anywhere.
143 Yeah, I�ve met him. He�s a good guy.
144 Haven�t met the guy. No opinion on him.
145 Thanks. Bye.
146 What else you want?
147 Who are you?
148 Why are you in jail?
149 Tell me about Broken Hills.
150 You like Franc?
151 Why are you called Manson?
152 Why are you so stupid?
153 Nothing. Forget it.
154 You�re with us? Then get us out of here!
155 I�m working on it. See ya.
156 Thanks for the help. Knew we could count on a fellow human to see the light!
157 Yep. I�m good like that.
158 So what else can I do for ya?
159 I�m curious about your plans now.
160 What�s your name mean?
161 Nothing. Just looking around.
162 Now we destroy the mine while the mutants are inside. The ones that�re left, we mop up by hand.
163 I want in.
164 Count me out.
165 Cool. Good luck.
166 Well, people think he was a band guy or something. But the Manson I�m named after started a religion and got killed because of it. He was a martyr. Maybe I�ll be one, too.
167 Sounds� fascinating. Anyway�
168 You�ll have to talk to Jacob about that. I�m sure that with your jailbreak, he�ll want you.
169 Cool. See ya.
170 I wanted to work with ya. Oh well. See ya!
171 You jerk! We trusted you to help us!
172 Wow� you can kill like nobody�s business. And now we�re free of the mutants. That�s soooo cool!
173 We�re gettin� outta town. You probably oughta too� the muties will be looking for scapegoats.
174 We'll follow you.
175 You preached open-mindedness to Manson.
176 We wuz framed! We wuz framed!
177 Thanks for your help, friend. Let's go talk to Jacob and Aileen.
178 You have successfully performed the jailbreak.

We hope your brief detention in the relaxation vault has been a pleasant one.

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