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100 You see a male biped of the species homosapien.
101 You see a male townsperson.
102 You see a male townsperson. He�s dirty, but he carries his head high.
131 All the mutants� dead� I can�t believe it.
132 Who�d do such a thing?
133 Where did that poison come from?
134 With all the mutants dead, we�re going to need NCR for protection.
135 I want revenge on the bastards responsible.
136 Who can we kill in return?
137 Does NCR have an army? Who�ll protect us now?
138 I guess we don�t have to worry about possible mutant uprisings now�
139 Poor Marcus� who�ll lead us now?
147 Is nowhere safe now?
148 When did thuggery become so common?
149 I�m thinking about moving� it�s not safe here anymore.
150 I heard Franc and Manson are real mutie-haters.
151 I�m glad they got out� I wonder where they are now.
152 Franc and Manson are poison. This town will never be the same until they�re caught again.
153 Who would kill those guards? That�s inhuman.
154 I can�t believe that this town used to be so peaceful.
155 How did you manage to convince the guards to let those two bastards out?
156 Thanks for letting out Franc and Manson. They weren�t causing any real trouble.
157 Where are Franc and Manson now? They really should be back in jail.
158 Some of my best friends are mutants and ghouls�
159 I wish we had some more lightbulbs.
160 What�s that smell?
161 I�m worried that NCR might try to suck us in.
162 Do you think New Reno would be a good place to live?
163 I don�t have anything against mutants, but they�re so funny looking.
164 I�d tell you "nice work," but you�d probably turn me in.
165 Jacob and Aileen were mutie-haters, huh? They seemed so nice.
166 Come on� Aileen?
167 I can�t believe that human/mutant relations have sunk so low.
168 Marcus must be pissed at the humans now.
169 I think all us humans better just relax and breathe easy for a while.
170 I heard the mutants are getting together to destroy the humans!
171 What do the ghouls think about all this?
172 The mine� destroyed� our homes are worthless now.
173 We�re ruined.
174 This is the end of Broken Hills.
175 I�m gonna head for NCR.
176 Who would do such a thing?
177 My god� the mine�
178 Where�s the justice in the world?
179 I guess I�ll just kill myself. Without the mine, I can�t support myself.
180 Oh, baby� life is hard.
181 Wow� I never knew anyone strong enough to beat Francis.
182 You�re so strong!
183 You�re real tough, huh?
184 Sometimes I feel like a magic 8-ball. I just spout random sayings and walk away.
185 Have you ever wrestled a deathclaw?
186 Are you as smart as you are strong?
187 Francis sure seems happy lately.
188 Francis has quite a glow. Did he get laid?
189 Hey there, gimp!
190 Still walking straight?
191 Did Francis scar you?
192 You're walking a little loose, there.
193 How could you be stupid enough to wrestle Francis for those odds?
194 I hope you enjoyed it as much as Francis did.
198 Glad to have you in town.
199 Gonna stick around for a while?
200 I hope you like it here!
201 You�re doing a fine job. Ever consider being sheriff?
202 Town seems so much nicer lately.
203 I think things are finally starting to go our way.
204 Get away from me, scumbag.
205 I don�t associate with your kind.
206 Who let you in?
207 I don�t know why they don�t run you out of town.
208 Please leave me alone.
209 Don�t bother me.
210 I can�t help you. Go away.
211 Die in the desert, jerk.
212 Go away.
213 Help me!
214 He�s over here!
215 Aaaaaaaaaaah!
216 Traitor!
217 Scumbag!
218 Leave me alone!
219 No! No! No!
220 Don�t touch me!
221 Don�t hurt me!
250 Those poor people.
251 Who fell down Jacob�s ladder?
252 Well, look what the desert dragged in.
253 Some of my best friends are mutants and ghouls�
254 I wish we had some more lightbulbs.
255 What�s that smell?
256 I�m worried that NCR might try to suck us in.
257 Do you think New Reno would be a good place to live?
258 I don�t have anything against mutants, but they�re so funny looking.
259 Life is hard. Phil�s rotgut shouldn�t be.
260 I can�t believe that son of a bitch.

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