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100 You see a ghoul. He's currently laying underneath your front bumper.
101 You see Lumpy. You hope he's going to be all right.
102 You see a ghoul who appears to be in considerable pain. Maybe if your driving skills were better you could have avoided this.
103 Oooooh! That stings!
104 Ouch! My sacroiliac!
105 Has anyone seen my gall bladder?
106 My spine! My spine!
107 I'm comin' to meet you Elizabeth!
108 Medic...
109 Could someone help me? I can't quite read the license plate number.
110 Hey, buddy!
111 Hey, lady!
112 The name's Lumpy. Could ya' help me out here for a second?
113 Ouchie. U okay, Lumpy?
114 Oh my God! Are you okay, Lumpy?
115 Oops...
116 Oh, just peachy. Aside from several compound fractures and a hood ornament lodged several feet up my ass, I'm right as rain.
117 Ohhh. Need help?
118 Goodie. Bye-bye.
119 All right, just relax. Do you need me to help you?
120 Thank god. I thought you might be in real trouble. Well, see you later.
121 [Lumpy silently looks you in the eyes. He blinks. He blinks again.]
122 Uhhh... dumm quesjin. Yes?
123 I'll take that as a yes.
124 You're goddamn right, yes! I can barely move! Now mind you, I ain't whining. I've had worse scrapes. Why this ain't nothing compared to that mix-up years ago with the Cola truck down south a ways. Ya' shoulda seen it, kid! Caps everywhere!
125 Aaahhh. Funnee!
126 Wow! Imagine someone running across that in the desert! They would've been rich!
127 You bet. Arrgh! Oww! I hate to put a damper on this scintillating conversation, but if you could help me out from under this bumper, I'd appreciate it.
128 U sure?
129 Are you sure? You probably shouldn't move.
130 Ahh, don't worry about it. Everything'll pop back into place eventually.
131 OK. Get reddee!
132 All right. Get ready!
133 Yeah, oops! Where the hell did you learn to drive?
134 Meeself.
135 Well, I'm self-taught actually.
136 It shows. Believe me.
137 Oh. U OK?
138 Oh... well I... hmmmm. Are...are you okay?
139 I told 'em. 'We need traffic signs', I said. But did they listen? Noooo...let's not listen to ol' Lumpy!

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