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100 You see a bedraggled man wearing a lab coat.
101 You see Jacob the Chemist.
102 You see a bedraggled man in a stained lab coat. His hands are discolored from chemicals.
103 Hi there. I�m Jacob, the chemist of the Chemist�s Pharmacy. What can I do for you?
104 What do you want?
105 Hello again! What can I for you today?
106 Welcome back. What can I do for you?
107 Da yagga! Eep oop op!
108 Dugstore? Rugstore?
109 I have some ore I want refined, and I don�t want to pay the refinery�s prices.
110 What can you tell me about Broken Hills?
111 I want some chemicals mixed.
112 I was told to speak to you about a certain matter regarding mutants.
113 Bye.
114 ::A look of disgust crosses his face:: Get out of here. I don�t have time for you.
115 -done-
116 Pharmacy. It�s a pharmacy. Look, do you want anything?
117 You again? Do you want something?
118 �Es!
119 Unh uh.
120 Fine. Let�s see what you want.
121 -more-
122 Then leave.
123 -done-
124 There. We�re done. Thank you for the tip. Now please leave.
125 D�okay!
148 Why don�t you tell me how you feel about mutants first?
149 I hate them.
150 I�m ambivalent about them.
151 I like them!
152 In that case, I�ll give you the real history.
153 A human named Jacob � I was named after him � founded this place. The mutant Marcus came along and forced everyone under his rule.
154 That�s enough. You�re crazy. Goodbye.
155 Tell me more.
156 Maybe if I tell you the real history, you�ll change your mind.
157 Okay. Tell me.
158 No, I�m not really interested.
159 In that case, it�s just great being here. This town has everything you could want� mutant sheriff, uranium mine, hospital, store� you can get just about anything here. You want anything else?
160 Yes.
161 No.
162 Great. Bye.
163 Bye.
164 He�s been ruling here ever since the Master was destroyed. He puts down anyone who disagrees with him� or they just "disappear." The place looks civilized on the top of things, but the truth is that it�s a killing ground for bloodthirsty mutants. There's a friend of a friend who had friends who disappeared after speaking up.
165 Go on.
166 That�s enough. You�re crazy. Goodbye.
167 We all pretend that this is a civilized town, that we�re all on the up and up� but we all live in fear of the mutant rage. Each day, there are fewer and fewer humans.
168 All the mutants I�ve seen look old and decrepit.
169 Why not fight back?
170 That�s because they�re trying to fool you, friend. They�re trying to fool you.
171 Why not fight back against them, then?
172 Fool me? I see. Well, I have to go. Nice talking to you.
173 Actually, we are. Some friends of mine and I are planning to strike a blow that will rid this town of mutants, but we need to get some friends out of jail. Are you with us?
174 No.
175 No. And I�m turning you in. You�re crazy.
176 Sure!
177 Are you sure? This is a chance to keep humanity free, you know, from those vicious mutant bastards.
178 Still not in.
179 Oh, all right. You�ve convinced me.
180 Then that�s your choice. I�ll let you go on with your life. Pity, though. You look tough.
181 Yeah. Bye.
182 You are, eh? I don�t think so, traitor.
183 What?
184 I have a little job for you. Our friends, Manson and Franc, are being held in jail. I want you to get them out. Do it quietly, if possible. Don�t want the whole town on your head.
185 What if I kill someone?
186 Got it. I have more questions.
187 Forget it. I�m out.
188 Got it. See ya.
189 No problem. They�re all mutants anyway. But do it quietly, for god�s sake.
190 Got it. I have more questions.
191 Got it. See ya.
192 More questions?
193 I have some ore I want refined, and I don�t want to pay the refinery�s prices.
194 What can you tell me about Broken Hills?
195 I want some chemicals mixed.
196 Nothing. Bye.
222 Way to turn on your own kind, mutie-lover. How could you do that to Chad? I don�t care what you�ve done for us. You�re a disgrace to humanity.
223 Bye.
224 Well done on the jail work!
225 Thanks.
226 Did you really have to kill everyone? Now they�re all going to be worried. Well, no matter.
227 Sorry.
228 You got them out. I guess that�s the important part. Of course, now everyone in town knows you�re linked to Manson and Franc somehow. Oh, well.
229 Sorry.
230 I think I can trust you with something important. How�d you like to do a little more work?
231 What else can I do for you, friend?
232 More work? Like what?
233 I need some ore refined.
234 Not just yet. I need some chemicals.
235 Not just yet, thanks. Bye.
258 It�s like this. We hate the mutants. We want to kill them. The best way to get rid of 'em is to blow the mine up while they�re inside. We want you to plant the charge.
259 I�ll do it!
260 I can�t do that.
261 Excellent, my friend! Here. Take this explosive switch. Hook it up to the air purifier and get the hell out of there. We�ve arranged it so that the town�s mutants will be in the mine.
262 Just let me know when you�re ready to go.
263 Will do.
264 I can�t do it.
265 Why not? Are you scared or something? Are you positive you won�t do it?
266 Yes.
267 No, I guess I�ll do it.
268 I suppose I can understand. You�ll be equally understanding, I hope, when I tell you to get the hell out of my sight. Traitor.
269 -done-
270 Are you ready to go on with the plan?
272 Yes. Let�s do it.
273 I�ve changed my mind. I don�t want to do this.
274 Good. I�ve been waiting for this day. Just attach the explosive switch to the purifier in the mine and get the hell out. There�ll be a huge explosion. See you afterwards!
275 So long! Death to the mutants!
276 I changed my mind. I don�t want to do this.
277 You utter traitor.
278 You did good work. Once. Too bad you turned against us.
279 We are finally free of the impure mutant scourge. Thank you so much for your help. There is a small cache of weapons in the basement under Liz's General Store. For your loyalty, please help yourself to what you find there.
280 We�re leaving town. You should too.
281 Come find me when I�m in the store and we�ll talk.
282 Your ore is done. Here you go.
283 Thanks!
284 I�m not done with the ore yet. Give me some time.
285 I had other questions.
286 Okay. Bye.
287 Ready for the distraction?
288 Ready to try that distraction again?
289 You got it. Want to help me make a distraction?
290 I'd like to buy some... uh... medicine.
291 Anything else?
292 Yes.
293 No, thanks. Bye.
294 Now you can see how treacherous the mutants are. If only you had seen earlier.
295 If you're not gonna help us, we ain't gonna help you.
296 Well, what are ya doin' just standin' there? You've got patriots to rescue from incarceration!
297 Oh.. That's right.
298 I told you to break them out of prison, not get them killed! What the hell's the matter with you?
299 I'm sorry... I just...
300 Just nothin'. Whether you meant to or not, you've royally screwed up our plans for this town. Now yer gonna pay.
301 Sorry, friend, but... I just lost my two best friends. Those bastard muties killed them in prison.
302 Urrggg. Toooo badddd. Bye.
303 Uh... Gee. I'm really sorry. You have my condolences. Bye.
304 Oops.
305 Oops? Did you say 'Oops?' You didn't have nothin' to do with this, did you?
306 It was an accident, I swear!
307 Hell no. Of course not! Damn muties!
308 Accident, my ass! Eat this, you mutie-lovin' rat-bastard!
309 Yeah, well... their day is comin'.
310 I already told you everything you need to know about this place. So, what do you want?
311 I have some other questions.
312 Nothing. Forget it.
313 Thanks.
314 [continue]
315 Hey, friend. I appreciate your help gettin' our friends out of their spot of trouble. You're all right in my book.

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