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100 You see a person carrying a powerful weapon.
101 You see a member of Broken Hills' trading and protection corps.
102 You see a person carrying a powerful weapon and covered in the dust of the trail.
103 I tell ya, one more group of highwaymen and I'm wearing dynamite on the next trip.
104 Sure could use some more help on the caravans.
105 Man...Unity Patrol work gets really, really old.
106 So then I saw this tribal comin' and... never mind.
107 One more "Rainbow Patrol" crack and I'm gonna kill someone.
108 I swear, if the bandits get any worse, we'll all die in the next year.
109 What podunk village are you from?
110 Buy a working person a drink?
111 I'm too tired from that caravan work to talk.
112 You need something, you talk to Bill, the Outfitter.
113 You'd think after all this time tryin' to civilize the wasteland we'd be a little closer to our goal.
114 I'm sick of all this human/mutant squabbling. Ain't we supposed to be an example?
115 Whaddya' want? Can't you see I'm resting?
116 When's the next caravan leave?
117 Patrol, patrol, patrol... all I ever do around here.
118 I think I need a nap.

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