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100 You see a weird mutant thing, with splotchy skin and a ghastly smile.
101 You see a ghoul townsperson.
102 You see a ghoul. Its skin looks like it�s ready to slough off the creature. It also looks like it�s readily accepted by the other townsfolk.
103 Refinery work is tough.
104 The mutants and humans seem to be on edge lately.
105 I don�t like working near acid.
106 This town is getting too full lately, it seems.
107 Humans ain�t all bad.
108 Welcome to Broken Hills.
109 Where�d Hank go? Has anyone seen Hank?
110 We�ve worked hard to make Broken Hills what it is today.
111 When�s the next meal, anyway?
112 Chad got arrested? The humans should be ashamed of themselves.
113 Not all humans are like Chad.
114 Bummer about Chad, man.
115 I wonder if I can get in on that caravan action�
116 Where�d Hank go? Has anyone seen Hank?
117 We�ve worked hard to make Broken Hills what it is today.
118 When�s the next meal, anyway?
119 You don�t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.
120 Stop! Hey� what�s that sound?
121 Down with the oppressors!
122 How could you kill Chad like that?
123 What, was Chad violently resisting arrest or something?
124 I see a dark day for Broken Hills.
125 Chad got what was coming to him.
126 Let the punishment fit the crime.
127 Poor Chad. At least he didn�t have a family.
128 The humans are pissed about Chad.
129 The mutants better look out� the humans might want revenge for Chad.
130 Who would do such a monstrous thing?
131 With the mutants gone, we are truly defenseless against raiders.
132 Marcus� Zaius� Francis� all the rest� gone�
133 The future is grim.
134 Was it the humans who did this? Was it Cameron?
135 Who shall lead us now that Marcus is gone?
136 Where can we turn for shelter now?
137 Those NCR bastards. They�d better not come here any more, not if they know what�s good for them.
138 I wonder if OUR humans were behind this�
139 Thank you for saving the mutants.
140 We ought to lynch the bastard who tried to poison our mutants.
141 So much is happening� it�s making my head spin�
142 I probably ought to get back to work.
143 Who would have let those two ne�er-do-wells out? Killing guards, too� Marcus must be pissed.
144 There�s some bloody business going on in town.
145 Have you noticed that the town smells like trouble lately?
146 I thought this would be a peaceful place to settle down. Seems I was wrong.
147 Who�da thought that sort of violence could come to Broken Hills?
148 Franc and Manson� someone�s got a death-wish for the mutants.
149 How could you let those two out of jail?
150 You should be ashamed of yourself.
151 I hope you�re right that Franc and Manson don�t pose a threat� the mutants will blame you for it.
152 Franc and Manson� back in society� hoo boy. Maybe I�ll leave town.
153 There�s some bloody business going on in town.
154 Have you noticed that the town smells like trouble lately?
155 Well done on bringing those jerks to justice!
156 I always thought Jacob was a little strange.
157 That�ll teach the humans that they can�t flaunt the laws.
158 Come on� Aileen? I don�t believe she�d do it.
159 What a blow to the humans! They�re very ashamed of themselves right now. Very defensive.
160 Will Broken Hills ever be able to mend the rift between humans and mutants?
161 Those bastards, Jacob and Aileen, always treated me like a second-class citizen. This�ll teach �em.
162 I don�t think Broken Hills will ever recover from the loss of the mine�
163 All the mutants� dead�
164 � now we�ll never know if we could have made peace between the mutants and the humans�
165 Time to head out and see what the rest of the world has to offer� ain�t worth it to dig out the mines.
166 I wonder if anywhere else in California needs uranium refiners?
167 Guess I�ll head back to Gecko now�
168 You god-rotting bastard.
169 Have you no shame, no decency?
170 Why do you try to destroy our town?
171 Don�t you realize that if you�d destroyed the mine, you�d have destroyed us all as well?
172 I don�t want to talk to you.
173 Go away.
174 Good work.
175 Too bad those people died under the city.
176 I wonder how those people dug the tunnels without us noticing.
177 Now we know what Franc and Manson were up to.
178 Those poor, poor people. Their poor families.
180 Don't hurt me.
181 Leave me alone.
182 No! No! No!
183 I'll be going now.

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