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100 You see a scruffy, dirty, angry man.
101 You see Franc, one of the local mutant haters.
102 You see a scruffy, dirty, angry man, who looks like he�d appreciate nothing more than putting a bullet in someone�s head. He carries himself like a rabid animal.
103 Whadda you want?
104 Aggggg! ::drool::
105 You! Me! Go!
106 Who are you?
107 Why are you in jail?
108 What can you tell me about this place?
109 What can you tell me about Marcus?
110 I got no idea what you�re saying, freak. Get out of my sight.
111 Oooooh�
112 I�m Franc. I�d ask who you are, but I don�t care.
113 Oh, a tough guy, eh?
114 That�s okay. I don�t care who you are, either.
115 Yeah, whatever. Bye.
116 I�m here because the "man" who runs this place from behind the scenes doesn�t trust me and what I�m telling the people of this town. I�m giving the truth about mutants and Marcus doesn�t like it. I�m being silenced for my beliefs.
117 Sounds harsh.
118 Or maybe it�s because you�re a hatemonger who�s trying to scare people into taking out people who are different?
119 Yeah, that�s interesting. What can you tell me about Broken Hills?
120 Suuuure. What can you tell me about Marcus?
121 Oookay. Bye.
122 Place used to be a paradise. Then the mutants came and turned it into a shithole. Now we�re all expected to forget about the past and live peaceful with �em. Not me! Live free or die!
123 Not quite what I was looking for, but thanks anyway. What can you tell me about Marcus?
124 Umm, okay. So long.
125 Marcus tells everyone he helped discover the city. He didn�t. It was humans here first, and him and his crowd moved in and took over and expected ever�one else to bend over and let the mutants give it to �em. Marcus is the ringleader of that whole circus.
126 You�re really crazy, I think.
127 Damn mutants. Just as I thought.
128 Yeah, I am a tough guy. If I weren�t in jail, I�d prove it to you. You think you�re tough? Think you can prove it, loser?
129 Of course.
130 I don�t have anything to prove to you, lowlife.
131 Get the hell out of my sight, you jerk! I�d kill you if I had the chance!
132 Bye.
133 The law �round here is based on mutant love. Do you hate mutants?
134 Yes.
135 No.
136 Yeah? Then go talk to Jacob, the chemist. I�ll catch you later.
137 Mutie-lover! Get outta here! I don�t want to breathe the same air as you!
138 You again? What do you want?
139 Tell me about Broken Hills.
140 Tell me about Marcus.
141 Why are you in jail?
142 You talked to Jacob? What are you waiting for? Get us outta here!
143 Thanks for gettin� us outta there. Too bad we didn�t get t� kill anyone before we left.
144 Ha! Killin� those muties was almost worth being in the slammer!
145 Just set up the explosive switch, and we'll do the rest.
146 Great work, pal. We�re gettin� outta town. You probably oughta, too. So long!
147 You went and screwed that all up! You gotta die now, pal!
148 Lets' get out of here.
149 Nutting. ByeBye.
150 Nevermind. Bye.
151 This ain't justice. You oughta be ashamed of yourself.
152 Thanks for your help, friend. Let's go talk to Jacob and Aileen.
153 You have successfully performed the jailbreak.
154 Thanks for your help in the slammer, stranger.

Sometimes violence is the only way

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