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100 You see a powerfully-built super-mutant. He looks bored.
101 You see Francis, the mutant arm wrestler.
102 You see a powerfully built super-mutant. He is clad in black leather, and boredom is written across his face.
103 Help you out with something?
104 Ook! Ook! Eep orp ook!
105 Hoo you?
106 Hey, buddy. Who are you?
107 What�s there to do in this place?
108 Are you up for an arm-wrestle, Mr. Iron-Pecs?
109 Pal, I�ve got no idea what you�re trying to say. Sorry.
110 I�m Francis. I�m the arm-wrestling champ of this town. I�ve got a running bet that no one can beat me.
111 I�m Francis, remember? The arm-wrestling champion of the town? I�ve got a running bet that no one can beat me.
112 I beat you! Me! Me!
113 I�ll bet you haven�t had many takers.
114 I�ll bet I could.
115 That good, huh?
116 What�s to do in town? Well, let�s see� there�s the saloon, the mines, the refinery, and the caravan. We haven�t got much time for fun here, and what we do have, we generally devote to drinking. Also, we work on human/mutant relations.
117 How� exciting.
118 All right, thanks.
119 Human/mutant relations? What do you mean?
120 I�m always ready. You wanna go?
121 No, I�m just asking for my health.
122 Umm, no.
123 Of course I do.
124 [he sizes you up and gauges your musculature] I don�t think so, pal. It'd just be a waste of my time. Piss off.
125 You think you can take me, eh? All right. You win, you get this power fist. I win, and you�re my gimp for a night. Do you want to do it now, or would you like to take some time to rest up?
126 Rest! Rest!
127 Now. We now!
128 I�d like to rest up first.
129 I�m game for it now.
130 I changed my mind. I don�t want to wrestle you.
131 That�s the truth. Looks like there�s no one in this whole godforsaken wasteland who�ll go for it, either.
132 Pity, that. If I find anyone, I�ll send them your way. Bye.
133 Just because you�re strong doesn�t mean you�re smart, pal. Remember that.
134 Buddy, if you don�t like it here, there�s a whole world outside.
135 No problem. Anything else you need, feel free to ask Phil the bartender or someone else.
136 Buddy, do you want to arm-wrestle or not? I haven�t got the time to waste with snitty remarks and cowards.
137 Yeah, sure. Let�s do it.
138 No, I don�t think so.
139 You come on back and find me when you�re ready, then. I should be around.
140 Get out of here before my stupid brain decides to beat your face in.
141 Backing out, eh? Coward. I figured as much.
142 All right, all right, I�ll do it.
143 Yeah, whatever. See ya.
144 Well, pal, that�s the first time anyone�s ever beaten me in a fair contest. You win. Take this. Well done.
145 You lost. No big surprise. Time to come on home with me.
146 I tell you what, buddy, I ain�t seen an arm like that in ages. You use that right, you�ll go far. Enjoy the glove!
147 Didn�t you get enough of me before? Do you want to try again? Same deal?
148 Yeah, let�s do it.
149 No, sorry.
150 I�ve heard about you. I don�t associate with scum.
151 Buddy, thanks for stepping in to save our town. Let me buy you a drink.
152 Howdy, hero!
153 Scum! Die!
154 You may�ve noticed that we got both mutants and humans in the city. We�re trying to work it so that we all live in peace. Unfortunately, there are some who want to destroy that. Our leader, Marcus, helped found the city. Do you want to hear more?
155 Yeah, tell me more.
156 No, not really.
157 Frankly, I think you mutants are scum and these humans are traitors for working with you.
158 Sometimes I worry about the people here... it's too hard for some of them to get past their fear. Word has it there's a shit storm coming down the pike - but that might just be rumor.
159 Thanks. Bye.
160 All right. Well, if you need any more information, you know where to find me.
161 Sure. Thanks. Bye.
162 Really? That�s a fascinating attitude. Too bad we didn�t crush your village when we controlled the wasteland. Get out of my sight, worm.
200 -done-
201 Bye.
202 Thanks. Bye.
203 -more-
204 Sure. Thanks. Bye.
300 Pal, I don't think you'd know how to use what I've got to offer. Come back when you've got a little more experience under your belt.
301 You see a powerfully-built super-mutant. He is clad in black leather, and boredom is written across his face. He seems to have a massive gauntlet of some sort poking out of his pouch.
302 You feel sore. You seem to be carrying a memento of your visit with Francis.
400 Urrggghh!
401 Arrrrr!
402 Aiiigggggg.
403 Rnnrnrnrnnrrr.
404 Hagggahhhaaaggga.
405 Hominahominahomina.
406 Eeeeeccchhhh.
407 Grunt!
408 Groan!
409 Ouchie!
410 Ow! My arm!
411 Ha ha! Gotcha!
500 Over the top, Francis! Over the top!
501 Man, that's what I call an ARMs race! Hahahah!
502 Geez, you guys should join the ARMy. Har Har Har!
503 I gotta HAND it to you, friend. You're WRISTing your life trying to beat Francis!
504 Ouch! Right in the metacarpals!
505 Hey, Francis! You should TRICEP-arating the arm from the shoulder.
506 This fight sure is HUMERUS! Guffaw Guffaw!
507 Use your clavicle, Francis! Use your clavicle!
508 Uh oh... I'd better get out of 'ARM's way! Ha ha ha!
509 Look at them biceps go!
510 I think I hear a tendon getting ready to pop...
511 You know, a simple calculation of mass ratio would seem to favor Francis.
512 Francis! Fran-CIS! FRAN-CIS!
513 Lick 'em, Francis! No, not with your tongue!
530 All right Francis! You sure SHOULD-ER!
531 Way to go Francis!
532 Whoa! I've never seen that happen before!
599 I found a note in the tunnels with the names Francis and Zaius on it. Looks like you've been committing some crimes.
600 Damn it. Zaius left notes lying out again, eh? Well, human, let me tell you this: I knew there are people trying to kill mutants in this town, and I knew that Marcus would only arrest them with evidence. I just wanted to make it happen with as little bloodshed as possible.
601 So you killed innocents, huh?
602 Sure. So what do you propose to do about it?
603 Innocents? Ha! The people I killed were trying to kill ME! I just returned the favor and made sure their deaths served another purpose - one that might further the cause of peace.
604 But this way you're still nothing more than a criminal and a murderer - and I only have your word that there's a conspiracy.
605 The only thing that'll satisfy the cause of peace is for all the murderers to die. And I'm going to do my part by killing you.
606 If you talked to some of the people in town about your hatred of mutants, you'd find out about the conspiracy. I know two wrongs don't make a right, but I call it self-defense. I did something wrong, and I admit it. I can't stay here. I'll set out to find a way to atone for my actions... That satisfy your sense of justice?
607 It'll have to.
608 No, it doesn't. I'm going to kill you myself.
700 You beat Francis at armwrestling.
701 You confronted Francis about the note to Zaius.

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