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100 You see a greasy, sweating man.
101 You see Eric.
102 You see a greasy, sweating man. He looks quite miserable.
103 Like this town needed any more hard luck. Like *I* needed any more.
104 Come in already! Close the door behind you! Don't let in the flies!
105 Dries? F-f-f!
106 All right, all right. No need to shout.
107 Are you shouting at me?
108 I'll let in all the damn flies I want. Loser.
109 Right. So long.
110 Close the door! Please! Go away and take those damn flies with you!
111 D'okay!
112 Sorry. I'm just a little on edge. All these damn flies and no air conditioning. If I just had a little more power I'd be able to shake 'em... but I don't.
113 Who are you?
114 How do you get the power?
115 Why are the flies coming here?
116 You could try bathing, you know.
117 Tough luck for you, pal. So long.
118 Hmm. Too bad. So long.
119 There's a power generating station downtown that controls the power to the city. If you could just go there and get permission to give me a little more energy for my air conditioning, I'd be grateful.
120 How grateful? Cash or equipment?
121 Yeah, I'll do it for you.
122 I haven't got time. Maybe later.
123 Are you nuts? No way. Maybe you'll get so miserable you die. Do the world a favor.
124 They come here because for some odd reason I exude fly nutrients. My body is rich with food for them, and this sweating just makes it worse.
125 That's just plain nasty. Why not take a bath or something?
126 Then I'll be doing you a favor by killing you.
127 I see. That's more than I needed to know. Goodbye.
128 I've tried that. I've tried everything. The only thing that keeps the flies off me is not to sweat... and when I don't have enough power to keep cool, I can't.
129 I see. I have more questions.
130 I see. Goodbye.
131 Yes?
132 I talked to Brian and he said the power rations are so tight that he can't possibly allow you to increase your share.
133 Where do the flies come from?
134 Have you tried bathing?
135 Where's the power generator?
136 Who are you?
137 It's much nicer in here. Comfy?
138 Nothing. Forget it.
139 I could scrape a little something together for you if you did it. I can't promise much, but then, it's not too huge a favor, either.
140 You've got a deal. Just make sure to have something for me when I get your power for you.
141 I'll do it for free. No charge.
142 Forget it. I don't want to do it.
143 Let me think about it.
144 I can't tell you how grateful I am to you. Please let me know as soon as you're done so I can turn up the air conditioning and take a bath.
145 Will do. I had some other questions.
146 Will do. So long.
147 Please don't wait too long for this... I'm getting really sick of all these flies.
148 Sure. I had some other questions.
149 Sure. I'll let you know.
150 Thanks ever so much for your compassion. That's sarcasm, by the way, in case you hadn't noticed. Get the hell out of my house.
151 Why not go to hell and die?
152 So long, fly boy!
153 The power generator's on your left as you come into Broken Hills from the outside world. It's run by a guy named Brian, a lazy son of a bitch who does as little work as possible.
154 Sounds like a real piece of work. Thanks. I have more questions.
155 I see. Well, that's all for now.
156 I'm Eric. I used to run the hotel in town, but I had to sell it because of my fly problem. I also ran the tavern, but had to get out of that, too, for the same reason. Finally, I used to run the generator, but flies kept getting into it.
157 That's an awful lot of jobs. I have more questions.
158 I see. So long!
159 He said that, did he? Well, you tell him that the generator is uranium powered and that the miniscule amount of energy I require would barely register on the generator. And tell him I want my power!
160 Will do! Nice speech!
161 I'll tell him. I have other questions.
162 Sure. Bye.
163 You're done with the generator? Thank you so, so much. I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am.
164 The common way to express thanks is through gifts of money or equipment.
165 Don't, then. I'm fine with your thanks.
166 Francis the mutant has a power fist. He keeps betting it in arm-wrestling contests. The problem is being stronger than him. If you're interested, I can give you some pills that should give you the edge over him.
167 Sure thing.
168 I'd rather have cash, if you have it.
169 I don't want a reward.
170 These pills are called buffouts. They'll increase your strength, but your mind will suffer for a little bit. Don't take too many or you might get hooked. Good luck with the fist!
171 Thanks! So long!
172 Do you think you can help me with my fly problem? I'd be very grateful.
173 How grateful?
174 Sure thing.
175 Let me think about it.
176 No way in hell.
177 Here's all the money I have... $150. Thank you.
178 No, thank you. So long.
179 Then I'm doubly grateful. Oh... I hear you're looking for a GECK. Try asking around in NCR. It's to the south.
180 Thanks! Bye!
181 Oh yes. The flies have lessened, the air is cool, and I'm less sweaty. Better deal for everyone all around!
182 I'll say. Well, that's all. So long!

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