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100 You see a bored person dressed in leather armor.
101 You see (x), the caravan guard.
102 You see a dusty, bored person wearing leather armor. From the brahmin stench and the confident walk, this person is clearly a caravan guard.
103 Can I help you with something?
104 Urg?
105 Ny work here!
106 Who are you?
107 What can you tell me about Chad?
108 I got no patience for idiots. Sorry, pal, but you�ll have to find someone else to play with.
109 ::sniff::
110 I�m (x). I�m one of the caravan guards.
111 What can you tell me about Chad?
112 Thanks. Bye.
113 Chad�s a good guy. Tough, but fair. Lavish with his rewards for those of us who work well.
114 Who are you?
115 Thanks. Bye.
116 Thanks. No, really. Thanks for screwing up our bonuses. The only people Chad was hurting were the people we traded with; he was helping us out, and you screwed that up. Loser.
117 Bye.
118 It�s the enemy! Die!

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