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100 You see a bleary-eyed mutant.
101 You see Elmo, the drunken mutant.
102 You see a bleary-eyed mutant who appears to have difficulty focusing on you.
103 Oh, my aching head.
104 Why do I always wake up in jail?
105 Someone stop the room spinning...
106 I think I'm gonna puke.
107 Porcelain goddess, hear my cry! Ooh, my head...
108 Shhhhhh! Please! Shhhhh!
109 Does someone have my shades?
110 Marcus must be pissed that I keep gettin' drunk like this.
111 Y'got any booze? Hair o' the dog and all that.
112 Man, I'm thirsty.
113 Geez...one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer, and suddenly I'm in jail.
114 Don't show me food... don't show me food...
115 ...don't go in the corner... I puked there.
116 Man...another night in the drunk tank.
117 Wanna fight? I'm kinda wasted.
118 ::weave:: ::stagger::

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