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100 You see a wizened old man wearing a doctor�s coat.
101 You see Doc Holliday.
102 You see a wizened old man in a slightly bloody doctor�s coat. The man radiates an air of knowledge. He also seems slightly sickly.
103 ::wheeze:: Hi there. I�m Doc Holliday. How can I help you?
104 Now what do you want?
105 Ouchie!
106 I�m hurt and need healing.
107 One of my friends is hurt and needs healing.
108 What do you do here?
109 Tell me about the town.
110 Any gossip?
111 Just sell me some stimpacks.
112 Forget it. Sorry.
113 Let me take a look at that. I can heal you, but it�ll cost.
114 How much?
115 Forget it.
116 Yes, I can heal this� ::wheeze:: for a price.
117 How much?
118 Forget it.
119 What do I do here? You�re in a hospital. I�m wearing a doctor�s coat. I�m covered with blood. There are sharp, pointy things lying all around. Either I�m a successful killer or a fair doctor. Take your pick.
120 I guess I can call you a doctor.
121 Don�t get smart with me, old man.
122 A really good doctor wouldn�t be getting blood all over himself.
123 Let�s see. I was born here years ago. Place was just getting started. I picked up when I was a teen and tooled around the place for a while. Met a woman. Fell in love. She died of sickness. I decided then that I was going to become a doctor.
124 Yeah? Go on.
125 We were talking about Broken Hills, not your history.
126 You�d be surprised what people say when they�re in pain.
127 Oh yeah? Like what?
128 I changed my mind. I�d rather ask other questions.
129 That�ll cost you $50.
130 I�ll pay.
131 Forget it.
132 For wounds like that, you�ll be losing $100.
133 I�ll pay.
134 Forget it.
135 That looks like it must have hurt. Going to hurt your wallet, too... $150.
136 I�ll pay.
137 Forget it.
138 Ouch! You�re going to need some serious patching. $200.
139 I�ll pay.
140 Forget it.
141 Whew� friend, this is going to hurt you a lot. $300 and you�re good as new.
142 I�ll pay.
143 Forget it.
144 He should be okay after a little help from me� ::wheeze:: to the tune of $50.
145 I�ll pay.
146 Forget it.
147 You been seeing some action? I remember back when I was a little spitfire. Got plenty of holes in me, too. This misadventure will cost you $100.
148 I�ll pay.
149 Forget it.
150 Kid, do you take care of your friends? ::cough:: If you�re going to take care of this friend, you�ll need to pay $150.
151 I�ll pay.
152 Forget it.
153 You must be pretty good to inspire loyalty like this from your friends. I hope you�re good... because this is going to cost ::cough:: $200.
154 I�ll pay.
155 Forget it.
156 Ouch! I�ll need to put a cast on that or something. For my extensive medical knowledge, you�ll be parting with $300.
157 I�ll pay.
158 Forget it.
159 Friend, you don�t have that kind of money. I can sell you some stimpacks if you like, but with the healing you�re looking for, you can�t afford what I can afford to give you.
160 Give me the stimpacks.
161 No thanks.
162 It�s been a pleasure.
163 Thanks.
164 That�s not acceptable.
165 How about this?
166 It�s all I want to offer. So long.
167 ::wheeze:: Are you hurt? Let me take a look at that. Do you have money?
168 Mo-ney?
169 �Es!
170 Let me take a look at your bag. (he looks through your bag and takes something) Okay. Now, this may hurt a little bit.
171 Hurt?
172 Yes. Now� There! We�re done. Good luck to you, okay? Don�t get hurt!
173 Tanks!
174 That�s right. I�m a doctor. Good to see that intelligence is alive and well in the post-nuclear world.
175 Ha! And it�s kicking around inside the body of a 70-year-old man!
176 I don�t want to be taking shit from you, old man.
177 Ummm.. Yeah. I had more questions.
178 Bye.
179 Threaten the only doctor in town. Good thinking. ::cough:: Friend, if you want something, you can ask politely. Otherwise, get the hell out of my hospital.
180 Bite me, old man. Get ready to die.
181 Yeah. Whatever.
182 Sorry. Bad day.
183 I was just kidding around.
184 Stripling, you have a lot to learn about respect.
185 Child, you have a lot to learn about humor.
186 Yeah, all right.
187 Okay, you�ve pissed me off. Now you�re going to need to heal yourself.
188 (You can see a glint of laughter in his eyes behind his glasses.) Don�t see it too many other places these days. The young of the world, for example�
189 Hey!
190 Old man, don�t push me.
191 ...are the repository of what our elders once knew...
192 Yeah, yeah, yeah� I gotta go.
193 Relax, kid. Just joking around with you.
194 Yeah, I know. So� ummm�
195 � and what we refuse to tell you little bastards! (he bursts out laughing) Kid, the next time you need to see me for some medical help, it�s on the house.
196 I had some other questions.
197 Thanks. I�ll see you around.
198 You�re hurt? Let me fix that.
199 Umm�
200 Thanks. See ya!
201 Who�s hurt? Oh, just line up and I'll take care of the lot of ya.
202 One more thing�
203 Thanks! Bye!
204 Surprisingly little. Sorry, but when I�m concentrating on healing someone, I don�t usually pay attention to their innermost secrets.
205 Oh. Will you answer more questions?
206 So then I traveled to San Francisco and studied under the Chinese there� an old gentleman by the name of Mr. Fung taught me everything I know about medicine. He also taught me some wisdom.
207 So then what happened?
208 And this ties into Broken Hills how?
209 I�m getting to that! Kids these days� so impatient.
210 Sorry. Go on.
211 This sucks. I�m outta here.
212 Then, I came back here and watched Marcus build the town from the shanties I remember from my youth into the "sprawling metropolis" you see before you. I saw people attracted by promises of wealth. I saw people grow up and die. I saw the currents of history.
213 So that means�
214 That means that I don�t know most of the new people these days. Most of my memories are just that -- memories.
215 Oh. Well, thanks for the story.
216 You jerk! You made me wait that long for nothing?
217 No, thank you for listening to me ramble. Next time you�re here and need healing, it�s on the house.
218 Thanks! So anyway�
219 Thanks. So long!
220 Yeah. Hope it was worth it! (he cackles)
221 No. Not really. Tell me something else.
222 No. You shriveled old jerk. Bye.
300 Who would you like me to heal?
301 Vic.
302 Myron.
303 Marcus.
304 MacRae.
305 Sulik.
306 Lenny.
307 Cyberdog.
308 Doc.
309 Goris.
310 Davin.
311 Miria.
312 Robobrain.
313 Nevermind.
314 You�re hurt? Let me fix that. I'll take care of your companions too.
315 There ya' go. All better.
316 [continue]
400 Dogmeat.

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