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100 You see a squat man wearing squalid clothing.
101 You see Brian.
102 You see a squat man wearing squalid clothing. He has a toothpick in his mouth and is covered in grease. His fingernails are dirty.
103 Let's see how you like this, you antisocial jerk.
104 Whaddya want?
105 Nyug aarg.
106 Who are you?
107 What is this place?
108 Ever hear of a GECK?
109 Say, Eric asked me to adjust the power ration to his house. He said that he's sweating too much.
110 Hey, Eric's really happy in his nice cool house. And I notice the power hasn't failed across the city.
111 I just went and talked to Eric and he said that he used to run the place and that there's so much power in the uranium slugs that you'd never notice the small drain he'd take. So cough up the power.
112 Nothing. Bye.
113 Me? I'm Brian. I work the generator that powers this place.
114 Then you're the guy I need to see. Eric says he's too uncomfortable in his place, and he needs more power for his air conditioning.
115 I see. That's very interesting. Must be rewarding work.
116 Great. I have more questions.
117 This place is the power station for Broken Hills. What I do is essentially a maintenance job on the place... make sure it keeps running. It's pretty damn functional, though... powered by uranium slugs.
118 That must be great. Say, I have more questions.
119 Uranium slugs?
120 Interesting. Bye,
121 A GECK? Never heard of it. I'd imagine no-one else here has either. It sounds like an animal or something that has nasty claws, though.
122 No, not really. I have more questions.
123 That's not it at all. Bye.
124 Eric wants more power? Eric can't HAVE more power. This is a very delicate balance of energy we run through here, and if Eric gets more power, then the hospital shuts down. Or the lights. Or the mine. We can't have that.
125 If this machine is run on uranium slugs, you have more than enough power to fill this place AND New Reno and not even notice the drain. Now cough it up.
126 But... but... he's suffering.
127 So there's no way you can make a couple of small adjustments?
128 [he looks sullenly down at his dials and says in a small voice:] You're mean.
129 Yup. Bye!
130 Hey! Don't touch anything! This is delicate equipment! Out! Outside! Go on! Go home!
131 Ooooh! Butunz!
132 Well, no, it's not. Not really. I mostly just sit here and make sure none of the dials flip out. I make some minor adjustments. I flip some switches. That's about all. Anyone could do it.
133 So, say, you could send more power to Eric's home?
134 Anyone, eh? I have other questions.
135 Thanks. Bye.
136 Well, with the uranium mine right there, and with atomic power being the power of the future, it seems only right that we keep up with the times. We might be small, but we're progressive.
137 Hmm. Right. I have other questions.
138 Right. Bye.
139 Well, sure, technically that's true, but...
140 But nothing. You're just lazy. Get a move on.
141 You don't have to be mean about it. [he ducks his head and turns a dial] There. Please tell him to stop complaining now.
142 You're all heart, big guy.
143 Go shove it up the lips you never kiss with. No thanks to you for making this harder than it had to be.
144 Maybe he just ought to bathe more often. Good day.
145 Bye.
146 No. I'm afraid not. The needs of the city outweigh the needs of the one.
147 I have other questions, then.
148 That's very utilitarian of you. I'll let him know he's not important. Goodbye.
149 Hmm... wha'... huh?
150 Zzzzzz... snore...

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