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100 You see a big, burly mutant with a sense of purpose in his eyes.
101 You see one of the bank guards, a large, tough mutant.
102 You see a well-armed, alert guard; a mutant who carries a rather wicked-looking weapon.
103 Can I help you?
104 Agga agga!
105 Me in building! Oooh!
106 Just looking around.
107 Err� no, not really.
108 Yeah. I�m here to talk to your prisoners.
109 Have you considered that you may be holding your prisoners illegally?
110 Oh, great, another one of you. Please leave.
111 Aaaaahn!
112 O-kay!
113 Yeah, well, look somewhere else. We got criminals here. Go.
114 Oh. All right.
115 We can help everyone who comes here for a reason. If you can�t be helped, then you gotta go. Get going before we help you.
116 Gonna make me?
117 Got it.
118 You�re here to talk to them, eh? Well, you can talk to us. What do you have to say?
119 Have you considered that you�re holding them illegally?
120 Eat this, mutie!
121 Nothing. I�ll be going now.
122 Err� what do you mean?
123 What I mean is that they have committed no crimes except for their speech. They have only spoken ill of mutants. I�m not saying they won�t commit a crime� but would you want to be detained for a crime you MIGHT commit?
124 That power makes the law. I have the power. Right here.
125 No, I wouldn�t, but they�re clearly dangerous.
126 Until they commit a crime, they�re guilty of no crime. Until they�ve actually laid their plans and begun the execution of the crime, they�re not guilty. Right?
127 Dangerous? I�m dangerous. You�re dangerous. We�re not in jail.
128 So what?
129 But� but� all right. They�re out. You�re accountable. I just hope you�re right. Here is the key.
130 That�s all I wanted. Great. Thanks. Bye.
131 Yeah, but maybe we should be. Right now, they are. And they�re staying there until someone can show me a better reason to let them out. Now� get out.
132 No.
133 All right.
134 So they�re going to stay in jail for now. We gotta protect society. Now� get out.
135 No.
136 All right.
137 You! What the hell are you doing? Get the hell out of here!
138 You�ll be putting your weapons away now, pal.
139 You again? What do you want?
140 Just looking around.
141 Err� no, not really.
142 Yeah. I�m here to talk to your prisoners.
143 Have you considered that you may be holding your prisoners illegally?
144 You shouldn't be hanging around here. Leave now.

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