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100 You see a mildly attractive middle-aged woman.
101 You see Aileen, one of the town's chemists.
102 You see a mildly attractive middle-aged woman. She looks tough and capable. Her hands are stained with chemicals.
103 Thanks for helping the cause.
104 I'm glad you're one of us.
105 We'll show those muties.
106 Up with human rights, comrade.
107 You've got the right stuff.
108 Get out of here.
109 Mutie-lover.
110 You just better keep your mouth shut, if you know what's good for you.
111 Damn mutant-sympathizer.
112 Why don't you go back to your mutant friends?
113 Human solidarity, comrade.
114 It's us against them.
115 You picked the winning side.
116 Those muties are going down.
117 We'll show those mutants who's boss.
118 Even muties can't breathe poison.
119 Humanity's hour is at hand.
120 I just love the idea of muties choking to death.
121 Our victory is almost here.
122 Soon, Broken Hills will be ours.
123 Damn mutie lover.
124 Get out of here.
125 You're just an imperialist mutant lackey.
126 You sure chose wrong this time.
127 You'll regret what you've done here.
128 Git out, you tainted idjit.
129 You must be part mutant.
130 Get out of here, impure one.
131 Stupid fool. Get out of here.
132 I don't have time for the likes of you.
133 Talk to Jacob if you want something.
134 My husband Jacob can take care of your needs.
135 Uh, could you please stop pestering me?
136 I can't help you, but my husband, Jacob, can.
137 Just leave me alone.
138 Nice of you to visit. Now get out.
139 Why'd you track in all that mud?
140 Would you act that way in your own, uh, tent?
141 Please leave me alone.
142 I don't know what you want, but I wish you'd just leave me alone.

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