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100 You see a ghoul with some kind of talisman around its neck.
101 You see a member of the Renewal Cult.
102 You see a contented-looking ghoul.
110 You see a Glowing One with some kind of talisman around its neck.
111 You see a member of the Renewal Cult.
112 You see a contented-looking Glowing One.
120 One of us, one of us�
121 Renew, comrade! Renew!
122 The time for lastday is here.
123 Soon we will all be smoothskins like you, comrade.
124 The Atom gives us the power.
125 Hello, comrade. The Brain knows all.
126 Renewal is almost at hand, comrade.
127 Together we shall be bonded as one.
128 Down with free radicalism, comrade.
129 We will all be Renewed together.
130 Hello, friend. The Brain knows all.
131 You are favored by the Brain -� soon you will be one of us.
132 You seek word of Renewal, friend?
133 Sit at his pink feet and hear of the Renewal.
134 The wise seek his wisdom.
135 Hello, friend. Do you seek Renewal with us?
136 Renew! Renew!
137 If only we had a wheel for him. (sigh)
138 Hail, friend. Renewal is at hand for the chosen.
139 To be a friend of the Brain is a wondrous thing.
140 Hello. You just better be careful.
141 We�re watching you.
142 Seek enlightenment in the Brain�s wisdom.
143 I don�t know why we let smoothskins down here.
144 You better go directly to him.
145 You�re here to see the Brain?
150 Hello, smoothskin. Do you seek Renewal?
151 His Sleekness wishes to see you.
152 You too can Renew!
153 Join us and Renew!
154 He wants to see you?
155 Renewal is open even to smoothskins.

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