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100 You see someone whose skin has been very badly burnt. It seem to be standing guard here.
101 You see a ghoul acting as a guard.
102 You see someone whose skin seems to have been burned with radiation. That much radiation looks as though it should have killed them, but it they seem well enough. They look as though they�re standing guard here.
110 You better not try stealing again.
111 All you smoothskins are alike. You better not try stealing again.
112 Thought you might have left something in my pocket?
113 Cut that out, or I�ll cut you out.
114 I wouldn�t do that again, if I were you.
115 Cutting your hands off would only be a start.
116 Aren�t you the friendly one?
117 I�m just looking for a reason. Gonna give me one?
120 Just what the hell are you sneaking around for?
121 If you�re going to sneak, you�re going to have to be a lot quieter than that.
122 Oh, aren�t you the stealthy one.
123 You�re good at your work. Uh huh.
124 Dumbass, just walk normally.
125 Another escapee from the Ministry of Silly Walks.
126 I can see you. In fact, I�m crushing your head.
127 Does this mean you can�t see me, either?
128 What was that? This is not a charade. This requires total concentration.
129 Uh, are you really trying to be quiet?
130 This door leads into a restricted area. You need a Yellow Keycard to get by.
131 You need Yellow Authorization to get through here.
132 You should talk to Harold if you want a Yellow Keycard.
133 No key, no entry.
134 Can�t go through this door without a Yellow Keycard, guy.
140 Glad to see you have authorization.
141 Hello, smoothskin.
142 If anything goes wrong, we�ll know who to blame.
143 Better watch it in there. It�s a bit hot for your kind.
144 Well, that key looks like the right one.
150 No key, no entry.
151 This is a restricted area.
152 Better not be trying anything funny in here.
153 You need a Red Keycard to enter this door.
154 Better ask Harold for a Red Keycard if you want to get in here.
160 You just better watch it in here.
161 Welcome to the control area.
162 Don�t touch anything in there.
163 If something goes wrong I there, we�re coming looking for you.
164 Any problems -� we�re blaming you.
170 Kinda surprised to see a smoothskin like you here.
171 Looks like you�re starting to tan a little here.
172 Mmm, just love that background leakage -� don�t you?
173 Don�t touch anything in here.
174 Keep your hands to yourself and we�ll do just fine.
180 No taking supplies without authorization.
181 You can�t take anything out of here without a requisition.
182 Talk to Jeremy or Harold if you want something.
183 Nothing gets out of here without a requisition.
184 No requisition, no part.
190 Watch your step here, smoothskin.
191 Aren�t you worried about the radiation here?
192 Just watch your step here.
193 If anything goes wrong, we�re coming to you first.
194 Smile for the security cameras.
200 What the hell are you doing with that door?
201 Knock it off, and just get out of here.
202 Gee, that sure doesn�t look like a keycard.
203 If you try that again, we�re going to have to kill you.

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