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100 The person you see is glowing faintly. Its skin seems to be badly burnt.
101 You see a Glowing One, a citizen of Gecko.
102 You see someone who has been exposed to so much radiation that they are glowing faintly. That much radiation looks as though it should have killed them, but it they seem well enough.
110 This much radiation sure spells job security for me.
111 Look at it glow. Can you see it?
112 I love coming to work everyday.
113 Going to need more uranium again.
114 I guess we�re all atomic powered here.
120 I just love the warmth here.
121 It feels wonderful here.
122 I don�t know what I�d do If I had to live elsewhere.
123 I love the feel of radiation in the morning.
124 At least I never need a nightlight.
125 (holds his glowing finger out to you) Phone home.
126 You know, if you shut the door, I don�t glow anymore.
127 This is one place I really feel like I belong.
128 I can�t believe those Vault City people want to destroy my home.
129 Reactor, sweet reactor.
130 Be it ever so humble.
131 Atomic powered heating... gotta love it.
140 Thanks for fixing the reactor. It�s a little cooler now, but not too bad.
141 Brrr... thanks for fixing our reactor.
142 I wish I could have gotten that part.
143 Thanks for your help.
144 Maybe those Vault City people aren�t so bad after all.
150 I can�t remember when the reactor ran this well.
151 It�s downright chilly in here today.
152 Brrrr, I�m freezing.
153 I think I�ve got frostbite or something.

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