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100 You see a very glum-looking human.
101 You see Lumpy, Skeeter�s friend and assistant.
102 You see a very thin, saggy-eyed, and unhappy-looking human.
110 You�re in worse shape than I am. Poor moron.
111 I don�t have time enough to spend talking to morons.
112 You ain�t much smarter than the brahmin I watch.
113 You don�t quite have a full deck, do ya?
114 By God, you are just as dumb as you look.
120 Hello there. My name�s Lumpy.
121 That�s sort of an unusual name. How did you come by it?
122 What do you do here?
123 That�s nice, Lumpy. Uh, I�ve got to be going now.
130 Well, my real name�s John -- but everyone here just call me Lumpy.
131 Why Lumpy?
132 Well, who can blame them. Goodbye.
140 Hello there. Ever notice that each brahmin has its own personality? Well, if you watch them as long as I have, you sure notice.
141 Yup. Downright fascinating. That�s what they are.
142 Moo moos.
143 What do you do here?
144 That�s really interesting. Who are you?
145 I�m curious about some things.
146 Nice to meet you, Lumpy. Goodbye.
150 Hello there. You�re probably here to see Skeeter. I don�t really take care of the technical stuff. I�m just here to help out.
151 Keeter. Heh, heh, heh.
152 Who�re you?
153 What do you do here?
154 I have some questions for you.
155 Oh, okay. I�ll talk to Skeeter then. Thanks.
160 Hello there. Since you�ve already invited yourself in -� what can I do for you?
161 Me hungry.
162 Uh, I was wondering where Skeeter is?
163 I have some questions for you.
164 Oh, sorry. I didn�t mean to barge in. Goodbye.
170 I guard the brahmin or help Skeeter in his workshop.
171 Who�s Skeeter?
172 Let me ask you something else.
173 I think that�s all I need to know for now. Goodbye, Lumpy.
180 Well, it�s sort of a joke. You see, they usually call people like you and me smoothskins. But I was treated so poorly by other Smoothskins down in Vault City that everyone here figured that I must be more lumpy than they are.
181 Why were you treated poorly in Vault City?
182 That explains a lot. Goodbye.
190 Well, Skeeter�s sort of a mechanic. He�ll take apart almost anything that you bring him. Gets most of them back together too, sooner or later. Sometimes things end up working better than they did before.
191 Where can I find Skeeter?
192 Interesting. Let me ask you something else.
193 I guess that�s all I need to know for now. Goodbye.
200 Well, they said I wasn�t human enough for them. I�m sorta radiation resistant -� perfect for here. But they didn�t like it. Treated me like dirt.
201 Really?
210 One day I just couldn�t take it anymore. I figured that dying out in the Wastes was better than living with those assholes in Vault City.
211 How�d you end up here, then?
220 Well, a caravan from Broken Hills found me and brought me here. I�ve been here ever since. One thing about the ghouls here is that they care more about what kind of person you are inside. It�s like a big family.
221 Broken Hills? Where are those?
222 Interesting. Let me ask you something else, though.
223 It�s great that you�re happy here. Goodbye.
224 A family of freaks. I don�t think I want to hear anything else from you. Goodbye.
230 Broken Hills is where we get all the uranium that we need for the atomic reactor from. From what I understand, the uranium is mined by mutants down there. But they have humans trade the stuff for them.
231 Why do they have humans trade the stuff for them?
240 What do you want to know?
241 Aren�t you the curious one? Well, okay. What do you want to know?
242 What do you want to know now?
243 What�s all that junk in the yard?
244 What do you do here?
245 Who�s Skeeter?
246 Anything unusual going on around here?
250 Well, because they trade uranium to Vault City, too. Vault City treats anyone that�s not a pure strain human just like lepers. So, Broken Hills uses human traders. Some guy named Chad, I think.
251 Chad, huh? I�ll keep that in mind. Let me ask you something else.
252 I guess that�s all I need to know for now. Goodbye.
260 Well, some of this junk is left over from when they were building the reactor -� before the war. The rest of this stuff? I just don�t know. Skeeter collects all kinds of stuff.
261 Who�s Skeeter?
262 Interesting. I have another question for you.
263 I guess that�s all I need to know. Goodbye.
270 Well he�s right here. Just open your eyes and look around a bit. Sheesh.
271 Well, Skeeter�s usually in his workshop. Just south of the unfinished reactor. Can�t almost never drag him out of there.
272 Oh, thanks. Goodbye.
273 I don't know where Skeeter's been recently.
280 Well, I mostly stick to my business, but sometimes I think I hear things late at night.
281 Hear things? Like what?
282 Aw, come on. You can tell me what you heard. I won�t tell anybody.
283 Me too, but I figure they�re just voices inside my head.
290 Well, I�m not sure, mind you. But I think I�ve heard people, at least I thought it was people. Coming and going from the reactor pit late at night.
291 People? Every night?
292 Interesting. Let me ask you something else.
300 I can�t tell you. People would think I�m nuts. Probably just the wind blowing through the junk, anyway.
301 I tell you I didn�t hear anything. Now stop pestering me about it.
302 Okay. Let me ask you something else, then.
310 (Looks closely into your eyes) You hear voices inside your head? Do they tell you how much better you are than everyone else? Do they tell you that someday people will kneel before your greatness? (smiles and nods)
311 Uh, no. Not really.
312 Uh, yeah. Sure I do. Doesn�t everyone?
320 Good thing. I was really beginning to worry about you.
321 Well, thanks for your concern. Let me ask you some questions.
322 Uh, yeah. Well, I think I need to be moving on. Goodbye.
330 I kinda had you pegged for that type when I first saw you, but I wasn�t sure. Get out of here, you frigging nutcase!
331 Uh, yeah. Whatever. Goodbye.
332 Well, one of us is a nutcase -� I just think you�re confused as to which one of us it is.
340 Well, I don�t know if they were people or what, but usually it�s just every couple of nights. Noises coming and going from the reactor pit. I don�t know what�s going on, and I don�t want to know, either.
341 I guess I can�t blame you. No telling what might be down there.
342 Thanks for the information. Goodbye.
343 Isn�t the reactor pit too radioactive for anything to live in it?
350 No, this part of the reactor wasn�t completed when the war started.

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