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100 You see a particularly leathery-looking Ghoul.
101 You see Harold.
102 You see a very old but still spry-looking ghoul.
103 I gotta tell ya, ol� Harold�s a bit slow on the draw hisself. The two of us talkin� wouldn�t get a whole lot done.
104 Ahh, ain�t you cute. I just don�t have time to try understanding ya right now.
105 Heh heh, ain�t you a kick.
106 Hello there, smoothskin. The name�s Harold. I help keep this town running.
107 Whatcha need, youngster?
108 Well, golly-be-damned, smoothskin. You did us a great favor helping out our power plant. The name�s Harold. I keep this town running.
109 Mighty kind o' ya helping us out with the atomic power plant. We�re in your debt. Now, what can this cranky-old carcass do for ya?
110 You are somethin'. Just like the original. What can old Harold do for ya, Vault Dweller?
111 Haven�t you done enough harm, smoothskin? What do you want now?
112 Smoothskin? Why did you call me that?
113 Vault Dweller? I�m not a Vault Dweller.
114 Hello, Harold. What do you do here?
115 Is there someplace I can barter or re-supply here?
116 Is that a tree growing out of your head?
117 You must know if there�s something called a Garden of Eden Creation kit here.
118 Harold, I�d like to know where I can get some healing.
119 I know you�re probably still mad, but you mentioned the Master. My ancestor killed him.
120 Hello, Harold. Just passing through. Goodbye.
121 Wha-whatever it takes to keep this place together. Better job on it than me.
122 This place is coming apart?
123 You don�t sound so good.
124 Yep, but I�m doing great for being dead! I never get tired of the looks when I tell that one.
125 Ahh, right....So you say the place is falling apart?
126 Dead, you say? Well, in that case you�re doing great. So good you can answer my next question.
127 Well, sorta. Our atomic reactor�s a mite...sensitive. The people I got running it mean well, but... well, they are not the sharpest tools in the shed. If you know what I mean.
128 Well, we�re doing better now you�ve fixed our reactor. I�d never thought anybody�d get those idjits in Vault City to help us out.
129 You know, it�s not so bad now. You fix the power plant, then you get the info we need to make it good-as-new. Golly-be-damned, ain�t you somethin'?!
130 What do you mean?
131 I didn�t want to see Vault City destroy your town.
132 Well, I didn�t want to see Vault City destroy your town. Besides it was in their best interest to fix your power plant as well.
133 Well, since it�s in Vault City�s best interest to fix up your reactor, it wasn�t too hard to get the Optimization info from them.
134 I don�t like to complete any job only half-way.
135 Well, I�d love to stay and chat with you but I�ve got things to do and places to go. Good luck.
136 Well, technically... it�s a thingie.
137 Okay, what does it do?
138 Need a little time on the whetstone yourself, huh? I mean they are not too bright. Here�s an example. The other day I get a report. On it, it says the main coolant valve should be shut down. That woulda caused a meltdown that would make the Grand Canyon look like a pig wallow.
139 That sounds bad.
140 Uh, yeah, that would be bad. Now, I got things fixed up in time, but we came close to the end there. They need someone to watch out for �em.
141 Good thing you�re here to help them.
142 Who�d a thought I�d be making things right? Although if we don�t get a Hydroelectric Magnetosphere Regulator pretty damn quick, there is gonna be trouble.
143 What the hell is Hydra-magna-whateveraltor?
144 Hmm, sounds like a real problem all right. Let me ask you something else.
145 Trouble? What kind of trouble?
146 Well, I�ve taken enough of your valuable time. Goodbye.
147 Heck, if it weren�t for you, them damn idjits in Vault City woulda laid us out for the big dirt nap.
148 I couldn�t let Vault City kill all of you.
149 Happy to help out, Harold. Let me ask you about something else, though.
150 Mighty kind a'ya. Not many smoothskins would do that for a town full of ghouls. Kinda reminds me of a smoothie I knew, way back when.
151 You know, you�re a lot like the Vault Dweller.
152 Another smoothie? What do you mean?
153 Thanks. I�m hoping to live up to my ancestor. Let me ask you something else while I'm here that might help.
154 Happy to help. Let me ask you about something else though.
155 Well, all in a day�s work really. I need to be going now, though. People to save, monsters to slay, disasters to avert, you know, all that sort of thing. Goodbye.
156 You cut with the dull edge of the knife, don�t ya? You don�t look like an orange peel left in the sun all day. Your skin�s still soft and purty.
157 Got me there. I�ll try to make my next question a little more worthwhile.
158 Oh. Yeah. Hey, let me ask you something else.
159 You just better not be getting any funny ideas about my soft skin.
160 Uh, well, I better be going. Goodbye.
161 Funny ideas? Well, you mean like skinning you alive with a rusty, dull, old knife and then grafting your still-warm, wet, glistening, oh-so-soft, skin over my crusty-rotten gook?
162 Hey! You just keep the hell away from me. I�m getting out of here while I still have my skin!
163 Yeah, that�s exactly what I meant. Good call.
164 Well, you don�t have anything to worry about....can�t find my knife.
165 How �bout I change the subject with another question?
166 Well, you just better keep your grubby mitts off my skin. Goodbye.
167 More skin! ... Need more skin! (chuckles) What happ'n? Drop your sense of humor in the dust on the way into town?
168 I�ve got a lot on my mind, all right? I need some more information.
169 I think I�ll go look for it. Goodbye.
170 I just let a big fart and it still doesn�t cover your stink. Why don�t you just drift outta here?
171 Okay, but first I wanted to apologize for the way I acted earlier.
172 Put a sock in it ya smelly old ghoul. Goodbye.
173 That�s a start, but you�re gonna have to do better.
174 I don�t know what else to say. I guess I just don�t deal well with things that are new to me. I am sorry, though.
175 Okay, how �bout this? If I had jerky that looked half as bad as you do I�d burn it just to keep from poisoning any scavengers that might happen upon it. Bye.
176 Well, alright. But you�d better stop being a bonehead.
177 Well, I tell ya youngster. Nice try but yer still an idjit. Maybe this�ll be the lesson you need. You are outta here.
178 I�m sorry. Now that we�ve got that settled. Let me ask you something.
179 Okay, goodbye.
180 I�d rather look like this than look like you and have to be you. You are a bonehead. Get the hell outta here.
181 You�re like that bad booger ya can�t shake off your finger. But I�m still shaking.... Oh look, there ya go!
182 Well, look what the wind pooped in. My favorite turd. Why don�tcha just squish on outta here?
183 Wanna know how to keep an idjit in suspense?
184 Hey, I was hoping you�d show up. You won a prize for bein' the biggest jerk. There�s a party in your honor ten miles north of town. Better hurry.
185 Their best interest? What do you mean?
186 Well, according to some economic data I got hold of Vault City is much better off if they help you to repair your power plant.
187 I mean, it�s always better to try to get along with others.
188 Uh, nothing.
189 Wow, it�s much later than I thought it was. I better be going. Goodbye.
190 Economic data? You didn�t give them that information th-that Gordon keeps flapping his yap about, did you?
191 Uh, yes I did. Why?
192 Uh, no, of course not.
193 Yeah, well, I�m sure some bonehead, very much like yourself, said the same thing about the Master.
194 Sounds like a great story. Wish I had time to hear it but I gotta go.
195 The Master? My ancestor killed him!
196 Nothing, huh? I�m not buyin' it. You just put us in a bind. Why don�t you skidaddle while I thinka what to do.
197 Uh, sorry.
198 Yeah, sure. Why don�t you just do that. Geez, try to help some people....
199 Why?! Now Vault City knows just how much we need uranium ore from Broken Hills. They could cut off them shipments and we�d be finished.
200 Oh, it can�t be as bad as all that. They seemed like reasonable people to me.
201 I didn�t know that was what they�d use the information for. I�m sorry. Goodbye.
202 Well, I sure hope not. Those idjits in Vault City hate ghouls. They�d cut off our ore shipments from Broken Hills in a white-hot minute. Then they�d set the terms. Wouldn�t be long until Gecko�d be a slave camp.
203 Oh, I�m sure they wouldn�t do that. They seem pretty reasonable.
204 Well, it�s a good thing I didn�t tell them anything like that then. Heh, heh. Hey, let me ask you something else.
205 Well, shit happens. Sometimes it happens to you. Goodbye.
206 Reasonable? Reasonable! Well, I�m sure people said the Master was reasonable, too. What a bonehead. Get the hell out. Now!
207 Maybe they have the right idea. Maybe it�s time to put an end to freaks like you. Goodbye.
208 Uh, well, I uh, that is. Goodbye.
209 Well, you might try talking to Wooz over in the Harp. You can�t miss it - it�s just across the way.
210 Thanks. Let me ask you something else.
211 Thanks, that�s all I need to know for now. Goodbye.
212 Jealous? His name�s Herbert. I talk to him when I get lonely... Heh heh. Just kiddin'... His name�s Bob.
213 Right...Well, maybe you or Bob will know the answer to this.
214 Thanks, that�s way more than I need to know for now. Goodbye.
215 A Garden of Eden Creation Kit? A GECK, right? I seem to remember Vaults had those. Don�t know where you�d find one today.
216 Thanks. Let me ask you something else.
217 Thanks, that�s all I need to know for now. Goodbye.
218 Just talk to my assistant, Lenny. He�ll be able to fix ya right up.
219 Thanks. Let me ask you something else.
220 Thanks, that�s all I need to know for now. Goodbye.
221 Another smoothskin. Had a lot of respect for that one.
222 Who was that?
223 Well, I could probably remember if I wasn�t dead. I never get tired of that joke.
224 Maybe you don�t...
225 Well, to be honest, can�t remember the name. But they wore a funny suit. Kinda like the one you�re wearing.
226 I�m wearing the Vault Suit that my ancestor wore. It�s a totem of my holy quest.
227 Oh, this old thing?
228 No lie?
229 I�m wearing the Vault Suit that my ancestor wore. It�s a totem of my holy quest.
230 No lie, Harold.
231 That so? Well, well, well. That explains a thing or two. I wondered why you looked familiar. I�m not losing the last coupla marbles I got left.
232 We really look alike?
233 Tell me what the Vault Dweller was like.
234 Yea, it looked just like that. Come to think of it, it had a 13 on it too.
235 Actually, this is the suit of my ancestor, the Vault Dweller.
236 There is a resemblance. Near as I can remember, anyways. You know, your ancestor saved the whole darn lot of us.
237 The Vault Dweller saved all of the ghouls?
238 Thanks. It�s nice to know. Look, I have to run off for a bit. I�ll see you later.
239 Jumpin� to conclusions, youngster. That�s gonna get your ass shot off someday. All of us. Saved every two-legged-shuffler on the dang planet.
240 I didn�t realize that.
241 I think I�ve heard enough for now. Goodbye.
242 Well. Now ya do. And what happened next? For a thank you, the damn high-and-mighty Vaulties booted the Vault Dweller out. I always wondered what happened after that.
243 I can tell you what happened.
244 Enough reminiscing let me ask you something else.
245 Well, I�d sure like to hear that.
246 The legend of the Vault Dweller starts with the Vault casting him out into the dry Wastes.... [You tell Harold the story of your ancestor]�and so that�s why I�m looking for Vault 13 now.
247 Thanks for telling. I sure was curious all these years. You sure got your work cut out for ya. Huh, ya know....
248 Know what?
249 I�ve taken enough of your time already. I better be going. Goodbye.
250 Well, I been saving these for a rainy day, but it sounds like you're gonna need'em more than I ever will. Here, take these.
251 I was gonna give you some healing supplies but damn me if I didn�t do that already. I tell you, gettin� old�s hell on the memory.
252 Thanks. Let me ask you about something though.
253 Thanks for everything. I better be going though. Goodbye.
254 Without a functional Hydroelectric Magnetosphere Regulator we�re leaking radioactive coolant into the groundwater. Now that means, anyone using that water is not gunna need a night-light to take a midnight piss. Also, we need more fuel because our power plant is not burnin� it very efficiently.
255 We need a Hydroelectric Magnetosphere Regulator and it needs to be installed soon or we have got some real problems.
256 Sounds bad. Where would you get a Hydro magnetosomething-or-other?
257 What happens if you don�t get the part?
258 Who do you buy your fuel from?
259 Sorry to hear it. Let me ask you about something else.
260 I think I�m going to have to leave you to your troubles for right now. Goodbye.
261 Well, I�m certain those ornery bastards in Vault City have one. Not that they�d share. Hell, even if we had one of those thingies, I�m not so certain Festus could install the dang thing.
262 Vault City wouldn�t give you the part? Even if it means that the groundwater won�t be polluted anymore?
263 Sounds like you�ve got a lot on your mind. Goodbye.
264 If we don�t get it, you can bet those boneheads from Vault City will shut down our power plant, permanently.
265 What will you do then?
266 We get our fuel from the Broken Hills. That�s a mining community some ways south.
267 Interesting. Where would you get one of those Hydro magnetosomething-or-others?
268 What happens if you don�t get that Hydro-part?
269 Hmm, I think I should let you figure this out on your own. Goodbye.
270 Take dirt naps. Vault City doesn�t play nice. They�ll just come up here and kill all of us if we don�t get that part. Well, at least I�ll have a tree for a monument.
271 What was the name of that part again?
272 Sounds like you need that Hydro-thingy pretty badly. Let me ask you something else right now, though.
273 Sounds like trouble. I need to run off and see what I can do. Bye.
274 Well, they�d only help us if they thought it was in their own best interest to do so. Huh. Not much chance of that happening.
275 Hmm, you may be right. Still if someone could convince them that they should help you�.
276 They shoot ghouls on sight. Makes conversation a bit tricky.
277 I wonder if someone else could tell them.
278 Yes, it would. Right now I�ve got another question.
279 Hey, you never know. I�ll see you later.
280 To the north
281 To the northwest
282 To the wWest
283 To the southwest
284 To the south
285 To the southeast
286 To the east of here
287 To the northeast
288 I don�t understand.
289 I don�t know.
290 That hurts.
291 That really hurts.
292 That�s got to hurt.
293 I don�t know anything about that.
294 Yes
295 No
296 Why do you talk to me this way?
297 You�re not nice.
298 Thank you.
299 This is good.
300 This isn�t good.
301 I have a good feeling about this.
302 I have a bad feeling about this.
303 These people are crazy.
304 I didn�t learn anything.
305 I learned something
306 Is everyone else crazy here?
307 There must be another way.
308 Follow me.
309 Try this.
310 Come here.
311 I�m scared.
312 I�m worried.
313 I found something.
314 I got lucky.
315 You need to fix this.
316 You need to turn this on.
317 You need to unlock this.
318 You need to open this.

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