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100 You see someone whose skin has been very badly burnt.
101 You see a ghoul citizen of Gecko.
102 You see someone whose skin seems to have been burned with radiation. That much radiation looks as though it should have killed it, but it seems well enough.
110 The person you see is glowing faintly. Its skin seems to be badly burnt.
111 You see a Glowing One citizen of Gecko.
112 You see someone who has been exposed to so much radiation that it is glowing faintly. That much radiation looks as though it should have killed it, but it seems well enough.
120 Thank you for saving us from Vault City.
121 Those bigots in Vault City would have killed us if it wasn�t for you.
122 You�re a hero.
123 You can come over to my house for gecko stew anytime.
124 Thanks for repairing our reactor.
125 It feels colder now, but thanks for repairing the leak in our reactor.
126 Thanks for dealing with those bigots in Vault City for us.
127 If you didn�t help us, Vault City would have destroyed us.
128 You�re our hero.
129 Thanks again.
130 Thanks for your help.
131 You�re the best. Thanks.
132 Pretty good, for a smoothskin.
140 Hello there, my smoothskined friend.
141 Welcome to Gecko.
142 Hello there, friend.
143 You�re not like other smoothskins.
144 See anything interesting out in the wastes?
145 Hi there.
146 Howdy, friend.
147 Our atomic reactor makes me glow with pride.
148 We�ve harnessed the power of the atom here.
149 Someday, others will be able to use our power.
150 I�m glad not all smoothies are like the ones in Vault City.
151 If Vault City people were like you, we wouldn�t have a problem with them.
160 Hmmph, another cheating smoothskin.
161 Heya, smoothy.
162 Hello there.
163 What�s up?
164 Be nice while you�re in town.
165 Come far to get here?
166 You look like you�re from Vault City.
167 We�re tolerant here, but not stupid, Smoothy.
168 Stay away from Vault City. Those guys are assholes.
169 Hello. Weather�s been really dry lately.
180 It sure has been dry lately.
181 Damn all these weeds.
182 I think the atomic reactor makes the weeds worse.
183 I�ve heard that some weeds are dangerous.
184 I�ve heard that tribals know how to call rain.
185 Fine crop this year.
186 Corn�s growing as high as a deathclaw�s eye.
187 Vegetables are good for you.
188 Almost ready to harvest.
189 Sure could use some more rain.
200 Got to watch these brahmin.
201 These brahmin are so cute. I�m not looking forward to killing them.
202 I am so bored.
203 Moo, moo, moo?
204 I�ve been here too long.
205 Is that smell you or the brahmin?
206 They almost look as though they know what�s coming.
207 Someone tipped one last night.
208 Some of them are much cuter than others.
209 Hmm, I wonder why nobody rides them.
220 Hey there, smoothskin.
221 Buy us a drink, smoothskin.
222 Boy, am I thirsty.
223 Too good to drink with us?
224 Where are my pals, Johnny Stroller and Jim Bean?
225 I�ll have mine shaken, not stirred.
226 Ask Wooz to tell you a story.
227 Let�s sing a song.
228 �And then the heads do what? I just don�t understand Wooz.
229 What�s an apple?
240 You�re pretty nice for a smoothskin.
241 Buy us another round, smoothy.
242 ./~ How dry I am, How dry I am�. ./~
243 You�re okay in my book.
244 Hey, watch out for the rat.
245 I wonder why Skeeter never joins us?
246 We�re trying to breed a new type of brahmin -� with only one head.
247 Somebody ought to start making more clothes here.
248 Ahh, beer is good.
249 This beer is great. It�s the water -� and a lot more.
260 You�re the best smoothskin I�ve ever known.
261 More glow-juice! More glow-juice!
262 Gives us another, eh smoothy?
263 Those poor muties in Broken Hills.
264 I heard that geckos are like us. Changed by the radiation.
265 We just cling to life here, like a little gecko on the wall.
266 I hear Skeeter�s building a giant robot.
267 I heard that Chester�s a spy for Vault City.
268 I�d like to Renew into a smoothy.
269 I swear I�ve seen things fly over us at night.
280 I love you, man.
281 You�re the best.
282 Nuke Vault City �til it glows!
283 ./~99 syringes of Rad-away on the wall, 99 syringes�. ./~
284 ./~ I�ve been working on the re-act-or, all the live-long day�. ./~
285 Before you, I wouldn�t trust a smoothskin at all.
286 I guess some of you smoothies are okay after all.
287 We ought to go get Chester to drink with us.
288 When I Renew, I want to turn out just like you.
289 Sure glad our reactor�s running.
290 I must be drunk. Wooz is starting to make sense to me.
291 I think I saw an apple once�or was it a banana?
300 The reactor is working so good you can almost hear it hum.
301 Thanks for working things out with Vault City for us.
302 We�re going to have so much power now.
303 Not much longer until we can trade power to Vault City.
304 Gosh, we�re going to need a lot of Copper from Redding now.
305 The reactor is working great now. Thanks.
306 You�re the best.
307 Thanks for fixing up our atomic reactor.
308 Reactor�s purring, just as nice as you please. Thanks.
309 You�re the best smoothskin I�ve ever known.
320 Renew, comrade. Renew!
321 You are one of us.
322 Hello, comrade. Renewal is at hand.
323 We will all be one soon.
324 He knows all. Worship his sleek fur.
325 Damn cultists. Get out of here.
326 Renew this (makes hand gesture), asshole.
327 I�ve got your Renewal right here, pal.
328 Can�t turn around these days without stepping on another damn cultist.
329 You�ll never catch me worshipping some damn oversized rat.
340 You ought to go see Lenny about those wounds.
341 You look all banged up. Go see Lenny.
342 You shouldn�t wrestle with a deathclaw. Go see Lenny.
343 Lenny�s in Harold�s office. You should have him take a look at those wounds.
344 How�d you get all torn up like that?
345 Ouch. You should go see Lenny.
346 Lenny�s in the settlement; go have him take a look at your injuries.

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