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100 You see a particularly unkempt ghoul.
101 You see Festus, the atomic power plant supervisor.
102 You see a glum looking ghoul with a particularly rancid appearance. He smells like an infected wound.
110 Aren�t you just as stupid as they get? Hah, hah, hah.
111 Are you dumb or what? Hah, hah, hah. You look just like a Vault City person.
112 Well, you�re pretty dumb, aren�t you? You should head on over to Vault City.
113 I just have so many important things to do. Why don't you get back to Vault City, where you belong?
114 Hah, hah, hah. You just have such a stupid look on your face.
120 Hello there. I�m Festus. I run the whole reactor. Without me, this whole town would be shut down. I�m a very busy man. They really overwork me here.
121 I�ve got so much to do here. I could really use a break. But, you know, nobody else can run the atomic power plant. I�m harnessing the power of the atom, you know. Really tires a fellow out.
122 What do you do here?
123 I understand that the reactor isn�t running very well. Is that true?
124 Why do you look -- and smell -- as though you�re falling apart?
125 Well, I wouldn�t want to take up your valuable time. I�ll just be on my way. Goodbye.
130 I sure have the reactor running smoothly now. I�m just that good.
131 The reactor's running pretty good now, all right. Could still do with a tiny bit of a tuneup mebbe, but I'd say it's a pretty good job all the same.
132 More work? What do you mean?
133 Well, nothing's ever perfect. Goodbye, Festus.
141 Well, I supervise the atomic power plant. Really, though, I run the whole thing by myself.
142 Yup, I run the whole thing -- in a supervisory capacity. All by myself. It would be impossible if I just weren�t so darn good at it. It�s a gift, really...
143 By yourself? What are all those other people in the next room doing then?
144 You must know quite a bit about atomic power, then.
145 Well, I don�t want to keep you from your work. Goodbye.
150 Wastrels. That�s all they are. They don�t really understand what needs to be done. They�re just placeholders. It irks me that they think they know something about atomic power plants. Why, if it weren�t for me...
151 Hmm. What did you say you do here?
152 Ah, yes. Well, I�d better be going now. Goodbye.
160 Know about atomic power? Well, I almost invented it. I know more about atomic power than anyone alive. If it�s atomic power -� I�m your man.
161 Hmm. What did you say you do here?
162 Ah, yes. Well, I�d better be going now. Goodbye.
170 You know, I really do run the whole thing. It�s pretty tough. But I do have many years of experience. I�m all pro when it comes to running atomic power plants.
171 You must be very good at your job.
172 I�m sure you are. Uh, I better be going now. Goodbye.
180 Most people think it�s easy. They think that just anyone can run an atomic reactor. But it�s not for the untrained or faint of heart. I�m harnessing the power of the atom here!
181 I�m impressed.
182 Well, I wouldn�t want to keep you. Goodbye.
190 It sure would be nice to have some help. But, you see, no one else is qualified to do what I do. They don�t even understand the basics of what I do.
191 How could anyone hope to keep up with you?
192 You�re really special, no doubt about it. Goodbye.
200 You know I am. I can tell that you really understand things like this. If I weren�t so busy here I�d run Gecko. And let me tell you, I�d run it right.
201 You�d run the town, too?
202 Arrrrrgh! I�m leaving now. I am. Don�t try to stop me. Goodbye!
210 Well, there wouldn�t be any of this trading with Broken Hills for uranium ore. We�d just trade them power for it, instead. They could run their city using the power of the atom.
211 Wouldn�t you have to run powerlines across miles and miles of hazardous desert?
212 Do you smell something? Something foul? I better leave. Goodbye.
220 Well, I suppose so. Then we�d have them buy giant batteries from us. Yes, that�s the beauty of it. Then they�d have to buy the batteries from us, too. And that�s just to start; I have other big plans, like...
221 You�re a politician, too? It�s incredible that your talents cover such diverse fields.
222 Is something rotting in here? I think I need some fresh air. Goodbye.
230 I�m just multi-faceted. Really, I�m very good at whatever I try. Seldom is there anyone better. Of course, I just happen to prefer running the atomic power plant. But, if I wanted to, I could do anything else.
231 I can�t believe that everyone in Gecko doesn�t see your true worth. I�m going to go tell them right now. Goodbye.
232 Must break free. Strength fading. Must leave.
240 What brings you to this part of my atomic reactor?
241 Well, I have a part that you can use to fix the reactor.
242 Uh, I was just looking around. Goodbye.
250 You know, I�m not so sure that this is the right part after all. Maybe you should take it back to Vault City to check. I don�t think I can help you with this, after all.
251 I�m sure it�s the right part. I have great confidence in your abilities.
252 I guess you�re right. I better find another way to install the part.
260 I don�t think that those people in Vault City really like us all that much. I wouldn�t put it past them to booby-trap this part. Maybe it only looks like the right part, and it�s really a bomb! You can�t fool me that easily. I�m not installing this thing.
261 With your technical expertise, if it were a bomb, you would already know it. Please just install the part.
262 I guess you�re right. I better find another way to install the part.
270 Okay, I�m here. But I�m still not sure that this isn�t the right part, or that it�s not a trap somehow. You know, I�m much too valuable to waste. Maybe I should just let someone else do this... later... much later.
271 It needs to be done now. And you�re the only person that can do it right. Come on, all Gecko depends on you!
272 I guess you�re right. I better find another way to install the part.
300 Well, it sure uses a lot of uranium. And it leaks some. You know, I�ve asked somebody to fix it, but no one listens to me.
301 I�ve heard that it�s leaking radiation into the groundwater. Is that true?
302 I thought you were the expert. Why don�t you fix it? Just what do you do here anyway?
310 Well, that�s possible, but I don�t think it would do any harm to anything. It�s underground, after all.
311 I think you may be wrong. Vault City�s been complaining that your atomic reactor has been tainting their water with radiation.
312 Well, if you say so. Goodbye.
320 Not possible. No one would know more about it than me. They�re just looking for someone to blame for their problem. We don�t even draw from the same aquifer.
321 You sound sure. But so did they.
330 Well, they�re just a bunch of amateurs when it comes to atomic power. I�m the real expert here. You can take what I say to the bank. If there were any banks left, that is.
331 Well, I guess you know what you�re talking about. Goodbye.
332 I�m not as sure as you are. Goodbye.
340 You have a spare Hydroelectric Magnetosphere Regulator on you?
341 You actually know what that is?
342 Of course. Are you ready to install it?
350 Surprised? I told you that I know all about atomic power plants. You shoulda listened to me.
351 Well, since you know what it is, you must know how to install it.
352 I think I�ve listened to you too much already. Goodbye.
360 Of course I do. Why, that�s just plain simple for someone of my experience and talent. I was weaned on Magnetoshpere Regulators as a pup, you know.
361 That�s great. Could you install it for me?
370 Well, I guess I could install it. I�m certainly the only one that could install it right. Installing a Hydroelectric Magnetosphere Regulator is pretty tricky.
371 Here�s the Regulator. I knew I could count on you.
372 On second thought, I think I�d better find another way. Goodbye.
380 I guess I could install it. But, you know, installing a Hydroelectric Magnetosphere Regulator is pretty tricky. And it�s dangerous. Not that I�m afraid for myself. But who could run the atomic power plant if something were to happen to me? I�m sorry, I can�t help you.
381 I should have known you�d chicken out. Goodbye.
390 Can�t help you now. I�m too busy.
391 Come back next week. I may have some time then.
392 Uh, you have the wrong part anyway. Yeah, that�s it.
393 Sorry, I�m too busy to help you.
394 I can�t betray Gecko by endangering myself.
400 Oh yeah. Heh, heh. Sure, it�s the right part. It�s just, uh, a more primitive model than I�m used to. That�s all.
401 Good. Then go ahead and install it.
410 I guess they�d know better than to try and fool me with a bomb. I�m certain that they know just who they�re dealing with here.
411 They spoke of you often in Vault City. Usually in hushed tones of reverence. Now, just install the damn part.
420 Okay, that�s got it. Hey! I did it. I really am that good.
421 Damn, I�m good.
422 It was difficult, but I did it. I�m a hero.
423 I deserve a raise for the work I do.
424 Gecko sure owes me now.
425 Did you see me out there? Never even faltered.
430 What do you want?
431 I heard that you take care of parts requisitions and I need one.
432 I just wondered what you do here.
440 You? What do you need one for?
441 Well, the guys in the other room need it. But I told them I wanted to get it from you just so that I could see you in action.
442 I just need one. Come on, be a pal. Just give me one. Okay?
443 I just think you�d better give me one. Working in a power plant, sometimes people have accidents. Understand me?
444 I need one for- Hey, isn�t that Fershlubiner Widget Activator running in the red?
450 Well, okay. Here�s your Part Requisition Form. I guess you have your reasons for neeeding it.
451 Well, okay. Here�s your�Hey? Where�d I put that darn thing? It must be here somewhere� Hmm, I guess I can�t find it right now. It�ll turn up, though.
452 Thanks. Goodbye.
453 Oh, well. Maybe I�ll come back later, then. Goodbye.
460 I don�t care what you want. Those Part Requisition Forms are for official business only. They only entrust them to key personnel. That�s why I have them. Get me? Key personnel, only.
461 Yeah, I get you. Goodbye.
462 Well, you�ll get yours. Maybe not today, but soon. Goodbye.
470 Uh, well, it�s supposed to be that way. I�ve got plenty of important work to do. If that�s all you came in for...
471 Well, actually I need a Part Requisition Form.
472 I guess I don�t need anything after all. Goodbye.
480 What do you mean? Oh, well, I guess I�ve been working pretty darn hard lately. Haven�t had time to really take care of myself the way I should. Maybe the radiation just affects me a little differently.
481 Uh, well... maybe you should consider bathing or something, to take care of the funk.
490 Well, I guess I should. Whenever I bathe, though, a lot of my skin sloughs off and all my scabs break open. And another thing, my fingernails keep tearing...
491 Hold on! Wait! I think I�ve heard enough. Uh, let�s back up a little.
500 Festus leaves and then comes back. He is still carrying the part.
510 [Done]
520 Festus gives you back the part.
530 Festus leaves and then comes back. He looks very pleased about something.
600 I have a reactor data disk that may help you optimize the reactor.
610 Okay, give it to me and I'll see what I can do.
620 Here you go.
630 No, I think I'll keep it for now.
640 Okay. Looks good. Thanks for all your help.
650 Sure. No problem.
700 You convinced Festus to help you with the power plant.
800 I mean that the reactor's running now, but it sure could run better. I mean better by a long country mile, if we jist had a smidge more data. Now if you could get the optimization data, we'd be cooking with gas, uh, well, you know what I mean.
801 Optimization data? Where would I get that?
802 Well, you could probably get the information from the Vault City central computer.
803 Well, let me see what I can do.
804 Hmm, that's a thought.
805 That's only going to happen when a paper dog successfully chases an asbestos cat through hell. Goodbye, Festus.
806 I bet a clever one like you could jist sneak in there and use a holodisk with the reactor performance information on the central computer. Then sneak the disk right back here. That'd do it. I'd do it myself, but I'm just too valuable here to leave, even for a moment.
807 I hate to leave a job only half-done.
808 Hmm, I don't think I could get away with that. Sorry, Festus. Goodbye.
809 That just might work. I guess some of my cleverness is rubbing off on you. Good, good. Say, you should prolly bring it to a feller named McClure. From what I hear, he's the only one there that'd bend an ear about anything but Vault City's precious citizens.
810 Councilman McClure is the man to see. OK, thanks for the tip. I guess I'll do it then.
811 Gee, I'd just love to get locked up in Vault City for being a mutie sympathizer. No thanks, Festus. You're on your own. Goodbye.
812 That's the spirit. I was a-hopin' you'd say that. Great. Just use this disk here on Vault City's central computer and then git it right back here. We'll use less uranium, the core won't leak so bad, and this Vault City won't have any reason to come exterminate us.
813 I sure don't want to see Gecko destroyed. I'll do it.
814 I just don't think I'm up to that. Sorry, Festus. Goodbye.
815 I sure wish I could spare the time to go do it myself but I can't. All I can say is thanks, kid. You'll be doing all of us here a big favor. (sniff, sniff) You make me so proud.
816 Well, I better get going. Goodbye, Festus. I'll be back with the data you need just as soon as I can.
817 Don't just lollygag there. Get that data.
818 Don't just stand there. The reactor's not gonna keep workin' forever.
819 Get moving and get that optimization data, like you said you would.
820 Plenty of time to chat *after* we optimize the reactor.
821 Go to Vault City and trade McClure the Econ disk for the reactor data we need. Get it?
822 Come on now. Get that disk to McClure.
823 Vault City? Job undone? Ring any bells in that hollow between your ears?
824 Hurry up!
825 Thanks for getting the data we needed from Vault City to optimize this leaky old beast. You're a sly one, no denying it, by cracky. Almost as good a job as I could have done myself. 'Course...if'n you wanna actually *finish* the dang job, just use that disk on the Robot Control Terminal. Understand me? Well, OK then.
826 Well, I didn't like leaving the job only half-done. Goodbye, Festus.
827 Yeah, I bet you would have done it. You festering windbag. Goodbye.
828 You're a peach. There's no doubt about it. I knew you'd do it.
829 You make me so proud.
830 Thanks. Now let me get back to my important work.
831 Keep that up and you may get to be just like me someday.

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