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100 You see a computer terminal.
101 You see the physics station.
102 You see a functional computer terminal.
103 Greetings. Please confirm your identity.
104 [Oooh! Look at the flashing lights!]
105 ::guess password::
106 KSLJKJ:Ken-Lee-97313
107 ::hack into computer::
108 Log Out.
109 Physics database: -Exploration- -Theory-
110 Exploration...
111 Theory...
112 Deactivate Station.
113 Incorrect password. Please speak to the system administrator. Goodbye.
114 ::hack into computer::
115 ::leave::
116 Intruder alert activated. Shutting down. Have a nice day.
117 -done-
118 "With recent acquisition of vertibird plans, the possibility of creating a practical flying machine has taken a quantum leap forward. We expect to have a working prototype by the end of the year, and the ability to mass-produce such vehicles within two years." -Dr. Wong
119 ::copy plans:: Back.
120 Back.
121 "We are still preparing a working model of an aerial vehicle. None of the designs we have created have proven to be safe or aerodynamic. Perhaps if we had access to the plans of the ancients..."-Dr. Wong
122 Back.
123 (After wading through the introduction and the mathematics, you discover that the Shi are learning to develop nuclear power again, rebuilding the space travel theories of the ancients - and they mock the Hubologists while doing so - and harnessing the energy of the sun, wind, and sea. At least, that's what the notes read like.)
124 Back.
125 Station deactivated.
126 Activate station.
127 -leave-
128 Somehow, you randomly type in a sequence of letters and wind up gaining access! How lucky can you get?
129 -more-
130 The computer does not respond to any input.
131 You can't seem to find anywhere to put that.

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