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100 You see a computer terminal.
101 You see a Hubologist computer.
102 You see a computer. It seems to be in good working order, though primitive.
103 This unit not accepting commands. Goodbye.
104 [Try as you might, you can't seem to break the encryption that controls this computer.]
105 Log off.
106 Welcome to HubLink.
107 Please enter your commands now.
108 Access database.
109 Access controls.
110 Log off.
111 Select database.
112 Research.
113 Future goals.
114 Finances.
115 Back.
116 [After wading through the religious gobbledygook, it appears that the Hubologists have created a means of hardening power armor. They have also found a way to compute launch trajectory, orbits, and spatial destinations. Further, it appears they're working on weather control.]
117 Back.
118 Log Off
119 [You spend about half an hour reading about the goals AHS-9 is trying to achieve. In addition to enlightenment and reunion with the Star Father, it appears that he's also got no qualms about destroying humans who weren't with him from the beginning. He's a little crazy.]
120 Back.
121 Log Off.
122 [The Hubologist Church appears to be hugely wealthy. The standard approach is to ask a new recruit to donate all his or her worldly possessions to the Church as a sign of good faith. When someone isn't asked to do this, apparently it means the Hubologists aren't intending to deal fairly. They have a huge cache of loot stashed somewhere in the desert. You can't quite figure out the coordinates.]
123 Back.
124 Log Off.
125 Controls accessed. Select operation.
126 Format hard drive.
127 Systems status check.
128 Back.
129 Log Off.
130 Operation restricted. Consult system administrator. Logging off. Goodbye.
131 -done-
132 There doesn't seem to be an interface for that.
133 ESS Quetzel fueled and ready to launch.
134 ESS Quetzel unfueled.
135 Mainframe operational. Pipeline operational. Reasearch stations operational. Repair center operational. Cameras operational.
136 Back.

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