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100 You see a computer terminal.
101 You see the biology workstation.
102 You see a functional computer terminal.
103 Greetings. Please confirm your identity.
104 [Oooh! Look at the flashing lights!]
105 ::guess password::
106 INTLVR-Dnky-Pnch-98790
107 ::hack into computer::
108 Log Out
109 Data to find: -Botany program- -Genetic program- -Xeno program-
110 Botany program.
111 Genetic program.
112 Xeno program.
113 Personnel note.
114 Deactivate workstation.
115 Incorrect password. Please speak to the system administrator. Goodbye.
116 ::hack into computer::
117 ::leave::
118 Intruder alert activated. Shutting down. Have a nice day.
119 -done-
120 (after about twenty minutes, you discover this: Initial results of botanical radiation disruption prove unpromising. Dr. Sheng develops radiation resistant plant-life - unpleasant side-effects follow. Resultant plant life deemed too dangerous. Sheng insists on pursuing line and mixing it with genetic program.)
121 Genetic program.
122 Xeno program.
123 Recent Personnel Notes.
124 Back.
125 (after about twenty minutes you piece together this information: Using the basics of FEV virus, Dr. Long Wang is convinced of success in creating mutant soldiers. He creates a serum providing interesting results with rodent experiments. He injects himself and dissolves into a puddle of goo. Dr. Sheng disables line of inquiry. With the death of Dr. Long, Dr. Sheng is in charge. Sheng demands focus on radiation-consuming plant life.)
126 Botany program.
127 Xeno program.
128 Recent Personnel Notes.
129 Back.
130 "The subject on which we had hoped to establish a series of meaningful experiments has disappeared, presumed either destroyed or stolen by the Hubologists. Further inquiries have proven fruitless. Until such time as further specimens are obtained, this database will remain inoperative." - Dr. Sheng
131 Botany program.
132 Genetic program.
133 Recent Personnel Notes.
134 Back.
135 Dr. Wong: New head of Biology Project, in addition to Physics Research. Dr. Sheng: Biology Project Head until two months ago. One month sabbatical with new "botany sentience serum" accounted for; further absence a puzzle. Dr. Wong assumes control of Biology Program. Dr. Long: Recently deceased via FEV serum.
136 Botany program.
137 Genetic program.
138 Xeno program.
139 Back.
140 Station deactivated.
141 Activate station.
142 -leave-
143 [Your hamfisted approach across the keys triggers the correct password... your luck is incredible!]
144 -more-
145 The computer does not respond to any input.

Please note that we have added a consequence for failure. Any contact with the chamber floor will result in an 'unsatisfactory' mark on your official testing record followed by death. Good luck!

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