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100 You see a merchant.
101 You see Cal, the gun merchant.
102 You see a bored but friendly looking man.
103 Good day to you, sir. May I help you?
104 Good day to you, miss. May I help you?
105 Me want information.
106 What you got?
107 No, me go.
108 I want some information.
109 Sure, show me what you've got.
110 Never mind.
111 I have no information to sell. I deal only in weapons. Do you want to see my wares?
112 Yes.
113 No.
114 I think you'll be pleased with my selection. Take your time and examine things.
115 Ok.
116 Will there be anything else?
117 Yes.
118 No.
119 Then I bid you a pleasant day.
120 Ok.
121 Hello again. Back for more?
122 Yes.
123 No.
124 I'm sorry but I'm closed. I open at around 8. Come back then if you want something.
125 Ok.
126 I'll not sell to you. Get out of my shop!
127 Ok.

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