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100 You see a bartender.
101 You see Slim, the bartender.
102 You see a bartender. He's wearing an apron and is holding a glass that he constantly cleans by spitting into it and wiping it with a dirty towel. He looks like he doesn't take crap from anyone.
103 I'm Slim. What'll you have?
104 Me want information.
105 What you got?
106 No, me go.
107 I want some information.
108 Sure, show me what you've got.
109 Nothing, I'm leaving.
110 Information huh? Well I ain't no library and this ain't no computer room. Drink up or get out. Want some booze or not?
111 Yes.
112 No.
113 Fine. If this shit don't kill you, nothing will.
115 Ok.
116 That it for you?
117 Yes.
118 No.
119 Later then.
121 Ok.
122 Welcome back. Need more booze?
123 Yes.
124 No.
125 I'm closed. Go away.
127 Ok.
128 I'm not open to you. Get out of my shop!

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