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100 You see a kid.
101 A child.
102 This kid looks much like other kids.
103 You look mean.
104 Don't hurt me, 'kay?
105 What's wrong with your eyes?
106 Is that a lao wai?
107 What are you?
108 Does anyone like you?
109 You're not going to hurt my mommy and daddy, are you?
110 I'm going to go play now.
111 Ha ha! Four eyes!
112 Dork alert! Dork alert!
113 ::the kid's eyes widen as Marcus marches past::
114 That's a big green mister.
115 Why is that man wearing a skirt?
116 Does that man want to be a girlie?
117 Eeek! Tribal!
118 Hey, mister! You have a bone in your nose!
119 Eeeek! A zombie!
120 Mommy, is that man contagious?
121 Cute doggy! Good boy!
122 Eeeee! A monster!
123 Lookit the dorky tagalong!
124 Is that your mommy?
125 Help! There's a robot coming after me!
126 Help! There's a robot coming after me!
127 Does it get hot in there? Hello? Can you hear me?
128 What are you? Are you a person?
129 You're awfully big.
130 Waaaaaah!
131 Don't hurt me!
132 ::crying::
133 Help, Mommy!

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