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100 You see a well-dressed man.
101 You see AHS-9, the Great and Terrible.
102 You see a well-dressed man.
103 You blaspheme the Hub's name! You must die!
104 Your perfidy knows no bounds!
105 The Great Wheel will run you over!
106 You are in the presence of AHS-9, the Great and Terrible. What is it you desire of him?
107 Agh a nu, AHS!
108 I'm looking for my people. I heard they came down this way in flying ships.
109 I have many questions for you, AHS-9.
110 The Enlightened One in NCR wanted me to deliver a letter. She said something about a reward?
111 The Enlightened One in NCR wanted me to deliver a letter. Here you go.
112 Oh, AHS-9, I come bearing a letter from your agent in NCR. I bow to your glory.
113 Your death. Good bye, old man.
114 Nothing, sorry.
115 Yes, my child?
116 Hinchoaf? [You can understand me?]
117 Aagga diggle doodle doo! [Oh, thank goodness. I'm looking for my people. I need to get over the big water.]
118 Poopy pants! [Well, thanks for your time. I have to be running along now. A pleasure talking to you.]
119 I can't understand a word you're saying. Perhaps you should see Juan or Vikki about an alignment.
120 Anks!
121 Of course, child. The alignment has cleared your basic neurodynes and aligned them with mine and the spokes of the Great Wheel. What do you need?
122 Aagga diggle doodle doo! [Oh, thank goodness. I'm looking for my people. I need to get over the big water.]
123 B-b-b-enny [Nothing, thanks. It's just nice being able to talk to you. Bye!]
124 If you'll agree to do me a favor, I can help you, child.
125 Oik? [What is it? I'd be happy to be of assistance.]
126 No!
127 My counterpart, The Emperor of Shi-town, has been making my life miserable. I'd like you to end his. In return, I'll make sure you can get where you need to be.
128 Ays! [I'll do it.]
129 No!
130 If you change your mind, let me know. Remember, I may be the only way you have of reaching your family.
131 Ok. [What is this favor?]
132 Didgeroo! [Thanks, I'd rather not owe anyone. So long!]
133 Good. Let me know when you're done, and I'll begin making inquiries into ways we can achieve your goal at the same time. Farewell, child.
134 D'bye! [So long, AHS-9. You're a great man.]
135 Have you completed your task? Your future and that of the Wheel on this planet depend on it.
136 Unh-uh [Not yet. I just wanted to say hi.]
137 I'm working on it. I have some questions.
138 Not yet. I'll get back to you.
139 Greetings to you as well. Now, please finish your job so that I may aid you.
140 Ng! Ng! [Yes, sir!]
141 I can see by your emanations that you have succeeded in ridding the world of the polluting neurodynes of the Emperor.
142 Jirsa! [Yes, I have. How is your part of the bargain coming along?]
143 Yes, I have. Now I require your assistance in helping my people.
144 If you go to Shi-town's docks, you will find the PMV Valdez. Enter the ship. Head to your right, and up to the captain's station. Hit the Go button, and the tanker will sail you to your destination.
145 Anks! [It has been a pleasure, AHS-9. I wish you all the best. Good bye.]
146 Flying ships? You must be referring to the Enclave and their vertibirds.
147 Yeah, I guess so.
148 Enclave? Enclave who?
149 Trust me, child, you are referring to the Enclave.
150 Yeah, okay. How do I find them?
151 The Enclave are a remnant of the past - a neurodyne that has yet to be aligned. They have hidden bases all over the shards of old California, and their strongest stronghold is off to the west, over the waters.
152 How do I get there?
153 How do you know all this?
154 That, my child, you will have to discover on your own. Ask around and you shall find the truth.
155 Very helpful. I have more questions.
156 How do you know all this?
157 Whatever. Bye.
158 Child, I am AHS-9. I see many things that transpire in the fleshy world. Do you have more questions, or may I return to my meditations?
159 More questions.
160 Return to your meditations. I'm done.
161 You have killed the Emperor and destroyed his minions?
162 Yes, I have.
163 Then there is no one who can stand in my way! But I see no need to be beholden to a mere tool. Farewell - and good riddance!
164 Why, you scumbag. I'm going to kill you now.
165 Oh. Well, if that's the way it's got to be. So long.
166 A letter from the Enlightened One? Is that what she calls herself now? Bah. [he takes the letter from you] And she promised a reward? You have a reward - my gratitude. Good day.
167 That's it? Old man, you're dead.
168 Err, I had some questions.
169 Gee, great. Bye.
170 Address your questions to AHS-7. I am AHS-9, the Great and Terrible, and I have many matters on my mind. Trouble me not, meat.
171 If you won't answer my questions, you'll answer my weapons.
172 Whatever.
173 Ahh, a letter from my field agent. Pity she calls herself "The Enlightened One" - it shows that she truly is not enlightened. You have my gratitude.
174 No problem. I have a question or two, though.
175 Great. Bye.
176 Yes, my child?
177 When does the spaceship take off?
178 Do you have any tasks for me?
179 Where does all the money we provide go?
180 Oh, nothing. Forget it.
181 My counterpart, The Emperor of Shi-town, has been making my life miserable. I'd like you to end his. In return, I'll make sure you can get where you need to be.
182 Sure thing, boss. See ya.
183 I'd rather not.
184 Seek out Badger, whose caustic presence holds those pathetic tanker vagrants together. Rid our fair city of him. When you have done so, visit AHS-7.
185 Sure thing, boss. See ya.
186 I'd rather not.
187 I was not aware I had made it a request, child. Kill him!
188 No.
189 Oh, all right. I'll do it.
190 You disobey the commands of AHS-9, the Great and Terrible? Then you shall die.
191 Bring it on.
192 Wait, I changed my mind.
193 Too late, meat. You have shown you cannot be trusted. Die!
194 -done-
195 Child, there are some things you are not meant to know for now. [He smiles benignly.]
196 All right. I have more questions.
197 Hm. Bye.
198 The ESS Quetzel will launch when the stars are right.
199 Right-o. I have more questions.
200 Thanks. Bye.
201 Your enburgled aura tells me that you come here meaning me no good. Tell me, child, do you wish to profit from your venture?
202 Yes.
203 No.
204 No, I just want you to die.
205 This, then, is my bargain: return to the Shi and eliminate Ken Lee and the Emperor. I will repay you with more money than you have ever dreamed.
206 No, I don't think so.
207 You've got a deal, fat man.
208 Then go and smite those troublesome souls. I await word of your success. [He smiles beatifically.]
209 So long.
210 No, wait, I changed my mind. I want you dead.
211 Ah, child, how could you stray from the path of truth like this? I see from your aura that you plan to kill me. I am bitterly disappointed. Bitterly. Ah well. Let us proceed.
212 Yes, let's. Die.
213 Remember, you will need to visit AHS-7 when you have completed your task.

Spectacular. You appear to understand how a portal affects forward momentum, or to be more precise, how it does not.

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