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100 You see a cowled Hubologist. Somehow, this one seems different.
101 You see AHS-7, the second in command.
102 You see a cowled Hubologist.
103 Guards! An oppressive! Strike it down!
104 You. State your business.
105 Aaagh! Nu! Nee!
106 I have a letter for AHS-9 from the Enlightened One in NCR.
107 I'm here to speak to Crocket about some armor.
108 I'd like to look around.
109 I'm interested in potentially joining your group.
110 Who are you?
111 I've come to kill you all.
112 Ah, poor child. Would you like to be aligned?
113 'Es!
114 No!
115 Poor child. Already aligned, yet unable to articulate. Go on in.
116 'Ank yu!
117 Go in and find Juan and Vikki. They can help you. Good luck, child.
118 'Ank yu!
119 ::his voice hardens:: Then I see no reason you should be admitted here. Good day.
120 'Ey!
121 Very well. Be quick, though - he's a busy, busy man.
122 Okay.
123 This is not a place that is open for random tours. Good day.
124 -done-
125 Excellent! Go in, go in. Speak to Juan Cruz and Vikki Goldman - they're celebrities, you know, but they'll talk to YOU.
126 Who are they?
127 Ooh! Celebrities!
128 I am AHS-7, the second in command of this facility. Before you ask: AHS stands for Aligned Hub Seeker, which means that I have cleared seven levels of neurodynes from my spirit. This means that I am more enlightened and closer to the hub of the Great Wheel than you. And this means that you will tell me what you want here. Now.
129 I have a letter for AHS-9 from the Enlightened One in NCR.
130 I'm here to speak to Crocket about some armor.
131 I'd like to look around.
132 I'm interested in potentially joining your group.
133 I've come to kill you all.
134 They're stars from New Reno. They heard the truth behind our gospel and came to cleanse their neurodynes.
135 Where do I find them?
136 Well, forget it. I'm out of here.
137 You can find them in the prayer room, showing all our new recruits and the raw meat just how rewarding it is to be a Hubologist.
138 Well, let me at 'em!
139 I'll be the judge of that. Let's get the show on the road.
140 Forget it. I'm out of here.
141 So now you've spoken to Juan and Vikki. Are you interested in joining our friends in the search for enlightenment to the Great Wheel?
142 Oh yes. Yes yes yes.
143 Sure.
144 Not right now. Can I get back to you?
145 I don't think it's my bag. Sorry.
146 Hell no. Your crazy cult deserves to be torched down to the ground.
147 ::he smiles:: You won't regret this. You may have the run of the compound. Oh... you're a person who knows how to use a weapon. Would you care to use yours in the service of the Great Wheel?
148 Yes.
149 Maybe later.
150 Do not wait too long before returning with a reply. Your neurodynes will be filled with more and more pollution until we can begin the cleansing process.
151 I changed my mind. I'll join.
152 You got it. Talk to you later.
153 You may leave this compound safely, traveler, but I would recommend not returning. If you do not travel with us, then you work against us - and I would hate to see you hurt.
154 Thanks for the concern. See you.
155 I don't think I'd be the one hurt. So long.
157 -done-
158 So. You have now had time to reconsider your decision. Will you join us?
159 Yes.
160 No.
161 I still need more time.
162 You do not have more time. Make your choice, meat.
163 Fine, I'll join.
164 Forget it. I don't like strong-arm tactics.
165 The oppressive Shi have been contesting our power and wreaking havoc among our brethren with their neurodyne-influencing ways. We believe that if their Emperor is killed, they will see the error of their ways. Will you kill the Emperor?
166 Yeah, I'll do it.
167 No, the Shi have never done anything to me.
168 Perhaps you will reconsider. Let me know if you do. Now, is there anything the Hub can provide for you, recruit?
169 Yes, I have some questions.
170 No, not right now, thanks.
171 Have you thought on aiding us in our struggle against the oppresive Shi? The Star Father will bless you if you take part in our crusade.
172 I still am not sure I want to do it.
173 I'll do it.
174 Perhaps I can ease your troubled soul. What do you need?
175 Where can I get fuel for the Poseidon tanker?
176 Where can I find the meaning of all the terms you use?
177 When does the ship take off?
178 Where is Crocket?
179 Nothing, thanks. Bye.
180 Let us know when you have completed your task.
181 Will do. I have more questions.
182 Sure thing. Bye.
183 Have you removed the Emperor's oppressive stain from this material existence?
184 Not yet.
185 Yes, AHS-7. He is dead.
186 The de facto leader of the Tanker vagrants is a piece of anti-therapeutic raw meat named Badger. With his death, they will come to understand our position. Will you remove him?
187 I'll do it.
188 He hasn't done me any harm. I'd rather not.
189 So... have you reconsidered whether you would remove this "Badger"?
190 I'll do it.
191 I'd still rather not.
192 Have you removed this "Badger"?
193 Not yet.
194 Yes. He's gone.
195 His people shall embrace the Hub! All will be well! You have performed a great service!
196 Thanks! I have more questions.
197 I do it all for the Wheel. Farewell.
198 Actually, now I'm going to kill you too.
199 Now that the ship is filled with fuel, we await only the word of AHS-9 the Great and Terrible to achieve liftoff.
200 Sure we will. I have some questions.
201 Thanks. Bye.
202 Aside from the precious fuel we need to launch ourselves into the bosom of our starry brethren on the planet Quetzel, I can't think of a place. Perhaps the Shi?
203 Huh. I have more questions.
204 Yeah, maybe.
205 I understand the Shi have a massive tank of fuel. Maybe you can steal it from them.
206 That's an idea. I have more questions.
207 Maybe. Thanks.
208 Simply use the holodisc Juan and Vikki provided to you and check out the Glossary.
209 Thanks. More questions?
210 Thanks.
211 When AHS-9 receives his vision from the Hub, we will leave, and join him in celestial glory!
212 Yeah, praise the Wheel or whatever. I have more questions.
213 Most informative. Thanks.
214 He's usually in his lab, working on ways to perfect our bodies and our spirits.
215 Thanks. I wanted to ask something else.
216 Thanks.
217 Before you can truly be one of us, we must perform an initial zeta scan - an alignment. Are you prepared for your scan?
218 No! No scan!
219 Sure. Let's do it.
220 Without a scan, you cannot join us. Are you sure you wish to refuse?
221 Absolutely sure. I don't want to be monkeyed with by your machines.
222 Oh, all right. Scan me.
223 We have eliminated some of your dirtiest neurodynes. You are now rated as AHS-1. Are you ready to join our noble cause?
224 Oh yes.
225 Nope. Don't want to now.
226 Lesson 1: Here we have eternity. Over here is where Quetzel is. [points at something] And here is where we are. [points at something] Now all we have to do is walk really far to get there.
227 Man, we're going to need a lot of shoes.
228 Can I still think about it?
229 You again? What?
230 Is there anything else you need me to do?

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