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100 You see a friendly-looking punk.
101 You see Marc.
102 You see a friendly-looking punk.
103 You son of a bitch - how could you do this to us?
104 What can I do for ya, mama-jamma?
105 What can I do ya for, mama-jamma?
106 Ooh! Ooh! Aah!
107 Who are you?
108 What is this place?
109 Who's in charge?
110 Nothing. Bye.
111 Hmm. Nope, sorry, can't help you with that. Maybe you should try someone else.
112 Anks?
113 I'm Marc. I'm the resident smart-ass and know-it-all. ::he smiles::
114 Oh. I have other questions.
115 Bye.
116 This is the Poseidon Marine Vessel Valdez - also called the PMV Valdez. If you want more information about the Valdez, the best person to ask is the Captain.
117 The Captain? Who's that?
118 I have other questions.
119 Bye.
120 In charge? No one's in charge of us.
121 Where'd you all come from?
122 I have other questions to ask you, then.
123 Bye.
124 The Captain is a tough-ass ol' military guy. He sits upstairs there and checks the place out. He's got some thorough knowledge about this ship.
125 Thanks. I have more questions.
126 Thanks. Bye.
127 Oh, all over the wasteland. We'd heard things about San Francisco, passed down from our elders. Some of us have ancestors who used to live here before the great war. You want to hear more?
128 Yes.
129 No, but I wanted to ask you something else.
130 No, that's all.
131 We're a band of musicians, tekheads, geeks, and artists. We thought we'd come back to someplace famous for artistic and personal freedom. I came here to spawn. Wanna hear more still?
132 Yes.
133 No, but I wanted to ask you something else.
134 No, that's all.
135 Well, when we got here, we figured we'd camp out here until we either figured out how to get this tanker moving again or until we thought of something else.
136 Have you figured out how to move the tanker?
137 Tell me about the Hubologists.
138 Tell me about the Shi.
139 I have other questions.
140 Thanks. Bye.
141 I think the Captain's figured out how to do it - but we need several elements first. We've basically given up on taking it for ourselves, to tell the truth - we've got other plans now.
142 What are they?
143 Where can I find the Captain?
144 I wanted to ask something else.
145 Bye.
146 They're crazy. Don't trust them - unless you're mentally feeble or like being screwed over. They're interested only in your money and your soul, and there's a good chance they'll destroy the one to get at the other. I've seen it happen too many times.
147 Have you figured out to move the tanker?
148 Tell me about the Shi.
149 I have other questions.
150 Bye.
151 They're a good sort, as far as they go. They're a little untrusting of outsiders, but then, that's not always such a bad attitude to take in these times. They've got some weird customs and they talk funny, but they're all right.
152 Have you figured out to move the tanker?
153 Tell me about the Hubologists.
154 I have other questions.
155 Bye.
156 You want to know what our plans are? We're going to keep moving around until we can find a place that hasn't been screwed over by human greed and then we're going to try to set up a better society.
157 Do you know how you're going to do that?
158 I have other questions.
159 Thanks. Bye.
160 We're hoping that if we can avoid society's mistakes. Hell, things can't get much worse.
161 Have you figured out to move the tanker?
162 Tell me about the Hubologists.
163 Tell me about the Shi.
164 I have other questions.
165 Thanks. Bye.
166 You seen Badger's girlfriend around?

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