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100 You see a male tanker vagrant.
101 You see a male punk.
102 You see a fairly handsome, cynical man wearing tattered clothing.
103 Nothing's on.
104 I'm sick of fish.
105 The sooner we move on, the better.
106 The best thing about being a nomad is self-control.
107 In fact, I'd rather die than give you control.
108 No one runs my life! I'm the king of me!
109 I'm my own boss.
110 I'm unique! Just like everyone else!
111 Sometimes world-weary cynicism bores me.
112 Next time, I want to find a tribe of goths.
113 I saw Selmy and Barro torn apart downstairs.
114 I hear the Shi Emperor is inhumanly smart.
115 These Shi sure look funny.
116 I'm open-minded, huh?
117 I'll share my girlfriend if you'll share yours.
118 Look at all these new punks. Posers.
119 AHS-9 cheated us and he'll cheat you too if you let him.
120 Sheep. You're nothing but a killing sheep.
121 Tell those bastard Hubologists we'll never come over.
122 Ain't never going over to the Hub.
123 Hope you're proud of yourself.
124 Won't they ever realize killing our "leader" won't make us follow theirs?
125 You're an asshole.
126 Baah! Baah!
127 So how was it, taking it from a mutant?
128 Did that big strong mutie Francis hurt you?
129 Francis play with you?
130 Francis is a pretty big guy.
131 Big ol' Francis, huh?
133 Hey! It's the gimp!
134 Hey, if you need any help from us, don't bother asking.
135 Wow! A talking asshole!
136 You pull anything being such a jerk?
137 Sacrifice our li'l Chippie, will you?
138 Poor Chip.
139 Oh, look, it's the "hero".
140 Hey, everyone! It's the selfish asshole!
141 Like anyone wants to talk to you now.
142 Chip-hater!
143 Can I do anything for you? Too bad!
144 Don't talk to me.
145 Nice of you to try for Chip's spleen.
146 At least you tried.
147 Poor Chip.
148 Tough break for ol' Chippie.
149 Chip's getting weaker. Too bad.
150 Good going with the spleen!
151 Wow... a hero AND a spleen-finder.
152 Didn't know they made spleens.
153 Thanks for saving Chip.
154 Hey there, Chip lover!
155 We're all happy for Chip.
156 Thanks for saving Chip.
157 Now Badger will be easier to live with.
158 I always did like Suze. Glad she's not dead.
159 I wonder if Suze will nanny for my kids?
160 Kill the monsters, save the girlfriend... Is there any hero shit you don't do?
161 Can you save my girlfriend too? Ha ha!
162 Maybe Badger will sleep with you for saving his girlfriend.
163 I'll bet Badger's really happy now.
164 Maybe you ought to ask Badger for some favors.
165 Poor Badger. Poor Suze.
166 I warned her not to go down there...
167 ... damn hold-monsters...
168 I feel really sorry for Badger now.
169 Death on the ship. Poor Suze.
170 Man... is life going to get any better?
171 It's dangerous down there!
172 Geez... why'd she go down there?
173 We ought to seal off the hold.
174 Let's get off the ship.
175 You gonna take the tanker out west?
176 Guess it's about to time to abandon ship.
177 I'm about ready to move out of here.
178 I got my shit all packed up.
179 Don't think I want to be heading west.
183 Know any good places to settle down?
184 I'll make sure the place is clean before I go.
185 Let's get the show on the road!
186 Geez... no more Badger.
187 Who would've killed him?
188 I don't know shit about computers. Do you?
189 Man... Badger knew all the cool places to go.
190 Now I'll never hear his band play!
191 Stupid killers... getting rid of Badger... stupid.
192 I am so full of hate right now.
193 I want revenge for Badger!

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