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100 You see a stocky Shi man who looks like he's full of knowledge.
101 You see Ken Lee, advisor to the Emperor.
102 You see a stocky Shi man waring glasses and a half-smile.
103 What would you like, friend?
104 What do you want?
105 What can I do for you?
106 You?
107 Who are you?
108 What is this place?
109 I'm looking for some lost villagers.
110 I am in need of fuel.
111 I would like to speak to the Emperor.
112 The Hubologists have assigned me to kill the Emperor.
113 Nothing. Thanks. Bye.
114 I am Ken Lee, advisor to the Emperor. And you, my friend, appear to be simpleminded, so remember this: if you seek the Enclave, then you must take the Poseidon tanker to it. You'll need fuel for the tanker. You have my blessing.
115 Tanks!
116 I am Ken Lee. I am the advisor to the Emperor. The Emperor advises me not to talk to you, and so I will not. Good day, fool.
117 Grrr!
118 Ahh, traveler, I cannot help you. Perhaps you can find the answer to your quest in another way. Good day.
119 Dood day!
120 I am Ken Lee. I am the advisor to the Emperor of the Shi. I bring forth the wisdom of the Emperor. And who are you?
121 I'd like to see the Emperor.
122 I am
123 You sound like an overgrown flunky to me.
124 No one important. Goodbye.
125 This is the Steel Palace of the Emperor. This is the heart of Shi-town.
126 And where is the Emperor?
127 What sort of research do you do here?
128 What's the history of the place?
129 I see. So long.
130 If you wish to see the Emperor then you must give me your own name.
131 Oh. Right. I'm
132 Sure. My name is
133 Yes.
134 Forget it.
135 Not everyone is granted a chance to see the Emperor. You must first prove your worth. Are you willing to prove yours?
136 Yes.
137 No. I've had enough tests in the last several months to last me a lifetime.
138 I do not believe the Emperor would like to see you. I have been told to forbid entrance to those who offend me or who reek of evil. You do both, traveler. Good day.
139 -done-
140 Insults will get you nowhere, traveler, except removed from the Steel Palace. Kindly control your tongue.
141 Make me.
142 Fine.
143 The Emperor remains hidden from prying eyes. As my job is to act as the Emperor's screen, I cannot and will not tell you where he is.
144 Fine. I have more questions.
145 Fine. Bye.
146 We do research that will change the world. For more answers to your questions, you should seek out Dr. Wong Yi Tze.
147 I will. And I have more questions.
148 I will. Bye.
149 We were the survivors from the wreck of a submarine. When we ran aground, we stripped the metal from the submarine to create the Palace. Some do not believe this.
150 Hm. It sounds almost as if you're berating someone.
151 I see. Thanks. Bye.
152 Ah, yes! I have seen some of your movies. Yet surely this is not your real name?
153 Sure it is.
154 No. My real name is
155 It's all the name you need, old man.
156 That will be quite impossible. Good day.
157 -done-
158 Surely you must give me more credit than that. I know how the "biz" works. I have traveled to New Reno before.
159 Okay, my name is
160 That's my real name! Now let me talk to the Emperor!
161 Excellent. This is what I require of you: there is a small military base north of here, called Navarro. There are numerous vertibirds there. We need plans and blueprints to manufacture some of our own. Fetch those and you will be on your way to seeing the Emperor.
162 You got it.
163 Forget it.
164 Will you reconsider taking our test?
165 Nope.
166 Oh, all right. I'll do it.
167 Lost villagers? I have heard nothing of this. Perhaps the Emperor would know of them.
168 I have more questions.
169 Thanks. I'll do that.
170 You must complete a second test: the Hubologists are our enemies. Their leader, AHS-9, has been abducting and brainwashing our children. Kill him for the good of the Shi and I shall tell you how to speak to the Emperor.
171 He's as good as dead.
172 No, I don't think so.
173 No? It saddens me, but I understand. Best of luck in your quest. If you change your mind, you know where to reach me.
174 Sure do. I have more questions.
175 Yep. Bye.
176 I am anxious to see the result of your attempt. Good day.
177 Good day.
178 Berating someone? Any fool who had done their research can see that the very basis of Shi-town is the wreckage of this submarine. It seems fruitless to argue with those who would say there is no submarine.
179 That's very even-tempered of you.
180 It certainly is. And I deal with these people on a daily basis. Alas!
181 Well, I have more questions.
182 Yeah, poor you. Bye.
183 You are certainly a worthy recipient of our fuel. I believe I can trust you with our secrets. In the back room, you will find the forcefield to the large computer has been turned off. Enter the password "CSPDMSHR-Shih-huang-ti-X9372" and you will find yourself connected to the Emperor Computer. The Emperor will be able to direct our fuel to where you need it.
184 Thanks.
185 Guards! The enemy is among us! Guards!
186 Have they really? Perhaps you would like to turn the tables on them? I can promise you our aid if you will agree to kill AHS-9.
187 He's as good as dead.
188 No.
189 Excellent. I hope to hear of your success soon.
190 You will. I have more questions.
191 You will. Bye.
192 Then in that case, you can only be an enemy. Good day.
193 Good day.
194 With the death of AHS-9, the Great and Terrible, the Hubologists pose no real threat to us and our researches. Well done. You have our gratitude. Would you like to speak to the Emperor?
195 Yes.
196 Not right now. I have other questions, though.
197 You have proven yourself to be a friend to the Shi. I believe I can trust you with our secrets. In the back room, you will find the forcefield to the large computer has been turned off. Enter the password "CSPDMSHR-Shih-huang-ti-X9372" and you will find yourself connected to the Emperor Computer. I hope this will prove useful to you.
198 The Emperor is a COMPUTER?
199 Got it. Thanks.
200 Yes. It stores our history, our research, and projects possibilities for the future. It is far better than any fallible human- yet we temper its suggestions with our own knowledge of human nature.
201 I ... see. Well, thanks for your time. I have a village to rescue.
202 Our spies report that you have given the vertibird plans to the Hubologists. Steal them for us and you shall be rewarded.
203 You got it. I have some questions.
204 No way.
205 Thank you for the vertibird plans, traveler. What can I do for you?
206 I have questions.
207 Um... Nothing.
208 Once you have obtained the vertibird plans, give them to Dr. Wong Yi Tze. He will put them to good use.
209 Okay. I have other questions.
210 Okay. Bye.
211 . I'd like to see the Emperor.
212 .
213 Remember, you must take the plans to Dr. Wong Yi Tze.
214 You are back to insult me again. I think not.
215 As I have explained, I will need to know your name.
216 All right, it's
217 Forget it, you idiot!
218 Remember, the Emperor awaits the death of AHS-9.
219 I am sorry. But I cannot offer what fuel we have to you. Perhaps if you were to speak to the Emperor?
220 How do I do that?
221 Can I just ask another question?
222 I wish I were able to offer you our fuel, but unfortunately our stores are empty. They have been diverted by some means to the Hubologists. It is possible that you would be able to find someone to divert it back.
223 Can I see the Emperor now?
224 I respectfully remind you that unless you have given the vertibird plans to Dr. Wong Yi Tze, I can not grant you access to the Emperor. I hope you understand.
500 Leave immediately, or I will call the guards.
501 Leave now. This is your second warning.

Where now are the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing? Where is the helm and the hauberk, and the bright hair flowing? Where is the harp on the harpstring, and the red fire glowing? Where is the spring and the harvest and the tall corn growing? They have passed like rain on the mountain, like a wind in the meadow; The days have gone down in the West behind the hills into shadow.

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