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100 You see an enthusiastic Shi.
101 You see Mai Da Chiang, the owner of Red 888 Guns.
102 This is a rotund Shi who looks like he's running on permanent overdrive.
103 Hi! Welcome to Red 888 Guns! I'm Mai Da Chiang, the owner. How can I help you?
104 Grokken di ma!
105 Me buy!
106 I was looking for some weaponry.
107 Tell me about the place.
108 Forget it.
109 I'm sorry! I don't speak your language! Have a nice day!
110 Rrr?
111 Ahh, a weapon, eh? Well, this is what I have.
112 -more-
113 Great, great. Thank you for your business. Come back soon!
114 More questions!
115 Bye!
116 No. Is not good enough. So sorry. Something else perhaps?
117 More questions.
118 No. Bye
119 You need something else?
120 Me buy!
121 No. Bye.
122 I was looking for some weaponry.
123 Tell me about the place.
124 Forget it.
125 We have lived here for years, but we did not always live here. Dr. Fung knows the complete history. I'll bet what you're looking for is what we do now.
126 Yep.
127 No, actually, I wanted to know the history. I'll go find Fung. See you.
128 Now, we are mainly fishermen and scientists. Our fishermen catch fish. Our scientists are working on a project that they say will change the world.
129 Change the world how?
130 What else is happening in town?
131 Hmm. Interesting. I have more questions.
132 Thanks. Bye.
133 I do not know. They keep their secrets to themselves.
134 I see. What else is happening in town?
135 I see. I have more questions.
136 Thanks. Bye.
137 We have two rivals of martial arts in town. They are Lo Pan, a lover of self, and the Dragon, who loves others. It is said that whoever wins will determine the future of martial arts.
138 I see. Anything else in town?
139 I see. I have more questions.
140 Thanks.
141 There is a gang of vagrants who have moved onto the Poseidon Oil tanker on the wharf. There were monsters living inside it, but the vagrants have sealed them into the lower hull. Though they are outsiders, we are grateful to the drifters for this task.
142 Any other news?
143 I see. I have more questions.
144 Thanks. Bye.
145 The scientists report that someone has broken through their computer security and stolen our secrets.
146 Any other news?
147 I see. I have more questions.
148 Thanks. Bye.
149 That is all I can think of at the moment. Good day.
150 Good day.
151 You are a thief, a murderer, and a villain. I'm afraid I must kill you.

I'll take your confession now

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