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100 You see a person in funny pajamas.
101 You see a Shi townsperson.
102 This person looks different from anyone you've seen before. They don't seem to care much about you.
103 You're not a spy, are you?
104 Who are you?
105 Fish and seaweed. That's all we get.
106 Ha ha! Look at the funny round-eyes!
107 You look like a Hubologist.
108 Leave us in peace.
109 Long live the Dragon!
110 Down with Lo Pan!
111 The Dragon is a hero.
112 Look out for Lo Pan. He's trouble.
113 Those punks are always so loud.
114 Work, work, work. Rice, rice, rice. ::sigh::
115 Isn't there more to life than this?
116 We're smarter than you think.
117 Look! A lao wai!
118 I don't think I like you.
119 You scare me.
120 Don't hurt me, please.
121 I'll bet Lo Pan would like you.
122 Please don't cause trouble.
123 I like life. I won't do anything to lose it.
124 The wastes are getting scarier.
125 Sir... yes, sir... goodbye, sir.
126 Ha ha! That bastard Lo Pan is dead!
127 You've helped us!
128 Lo Pan is dead!
129 Now for the Hubologists!
130 Look at the funny round-eyes!
131 You look like a Hubologist.
132 Leave us in peace.
133 Long live the Dragon!
134 Long live the Emperor!
135 Work, work, work. Rice, rice, rice. ::sigh::
136 Isn't there more to life than this?
137 The Dragon... is dead...
138 Oh no! The Dragon is dead!
139 Life has no meaning.
140 We shall survive... barely.
141 Who will be our hero now?
142 And with the Dragon go our dreams.
143 There's no point.
144 Let us teach our children to be like the Dragon.
145 We must make new dreams now.
146 The Emperor's mouthpiece! Dead!
147 What happens now?
148 I hope the savages don't overrun us now!
149 The good always die young.
150 I hope we can survive the winter without Ken Lee.
151 I hear that Ken Lee was the only one who kept the Emperor in line.
152 I hear that the Emperor was only a fa�ade for Ken Lee.
153 Work, work, work. Rice, rice, rice. ::sigh::
154 Isn't there more to life than this?
155 We're smarter than you think.
156 Look! An outsider!
164 You killed AHS-9? Good job!
165 Those Hubologists give me the creeps.
166 Honored visitor, you have done us a great service.
167 Death to the Hubologists!
168 Maybe this will hurry those Hubologists out of here.
169 Stupid Hubologists, can't even protect their own leader.
170 I just hope the Hubologists don't come after us in revenge.
171 I guess you're not a spy after all.
172 Son of a pig! Die!
173 You have dishonored your family!
174 Leave us alone, lao wai!
175 Haven't you done enough damage?
176 I hate you!
177 Leave this city!
178 Go home to your people!
179 Do not darken my life with your face!
180 What will it take to get rid of you?, Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, MINcendar
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