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100 You see a female punk.
101 You see a female punk.
102 You see a fairly pretty, cynical young woman.
103 I'll bet my boyfriend offered to share me.
104 Sometimes I get sick of traveling.
105 It sure would be nice to live here.
106 I'll bet we could make a hell of a scene.
107 Have you been west across the water?
108 I'd flirt with you, but I'm just not interested.
109 ::sarcasm:: Sure are a lot of strong women around here, huh?
110 You expect me to roll over for you? Get real.
111 I'm unique! Just like everyone else!
112 Sometimes world-weary cynicism bores me.
113 Next time, I want to find a tribe of goths.
114 I hear the Shi Emperor is inhumanly smart.
115 These Shi sure look funny.
116 I'm open-minded, huh?
117 Look at all these new punks. Posers.
118 AHS-9 cheated us and he'll cheat you too if you let him.
119 Next bozo who calls me "bitch" is getting flash-fried.
120 So how was it, taking it from a mutant?
121 Did that big strong mutie Francis hurt you?
122 I'm surprised you can walk after what Francis did.
123 I'd guess you'd still be bleeding after Francis.
124 I can't believe you wouldn't help Chip.
125 Selfish bastard. I'll bet Chip would've helped you.
126 Everyone liked Chip. Now no one likes you.
127 You're quite the jerk, aren't you?
128 Ever think about anyone but yourself?
129 Oh, look, it's the "hero".
130 Hey, everyone! It's the selfish asshole!
131 Oh, you again? Like anyone wants to talk to you now.
132 Chip-hater!
133 Too bad about the spleen.
134 I'll bet someone ate Chip's liver.
135 I wonder if Chip will ever be okay again.
136 I think Chip's the best!
137 Even if he has no spleen, I'd do Chip in a second!
138 Thank you for trying to get Chip's spleen back.
139 You did your best for Chip.
140 Here's another platitude about Chip.
141 I wonder if the spleen tasted good?
142 Yay! Now I can have Chip AND his spleen!
143 I'm going to go see Chip right now!
144 Chip's the best!
145 I like you. You're a good one.
146 I'm so happy for Chip.
147 Chip's a whole man now.
148 You want to have a good time with Chip and me?
149 You did good with Chip's spleen.
150 How very selfless of you!
151 Suze is back! Good!
152 Suze is back...Damn!
153 Suze was always really cool to me.
154 I like Suze.
155 Thanks for saving her.
156 Some people need to learn not to wander.
157 Who knows?
158 Poor Badger. Maybe he needs someone to comfort him.
159 I'd better make sure Badger's okay.
160 Badger's cute, but he's no dreamboat.
161 I wonder why Badger farts and belches so much.
162 Badger probably farts because he's sad.
163 Poor Badger.
164 It's a tough old world we live in.
165 Suze should've known better.
166 If you're taking the boat, we ought to be leaving it.
167 Sorry about the state the boat's in.
168 So you'll be taking the ship, eh?
169 The PMV Valdez is a good vessel - it was a good home.
170 Time to pack my stuff, I guess.
171 Enjoy the boat.
172 Good luck finding your people.
173 I'll just be going now.
174 I hope we can find another place to live.
175 Poor Badger. He was a real cutie.
176 Who'd want to kill Badger?
177 Badger smelled funny but I liked him.
178 I heard Badger was gay, but then he got a girlfriend.
179 I always thought Badger was abusive, but in a cute way.
180 I'll bet Badger is showing this off to his friends.
181 Badger... ::sniff::
182 Badger was a real fairy-tale princess.
183 You asshole. Why'd you kill him?
184 You think we're going to join the Hubologists now?
185 You stupid, stupid pawn.
186 The Hubologists are going to cheat you, too.
187 You go to hell! You go to hell and you die!
188 I hate you.
189 You suck.
190 Sheepie sheepie sheep!
191 Crazy cultist!
192 Some people are just naturally stupid, I guess.

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