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100 You see someone in a floppy robe.
101 It's another robed Hubologist.
102 It appears to be someone wearing a robe.
103 Who are you? What are you doing here?
104 You're not supposed to be here, are you?
105 Look! Rim meat!
106 Hey! Who let the rim meat in?
107 You shouldn't be wandering without an escort.
108 Ahh! You're messing with my neurodynes!
109 Go away, infidel!
110 Don't talk to me - I'm a busy person.
111 Hey! You're pot-holing my neurodynes!
112 Maybe I'd like you better if you got aligned.
113 The Star Father will love you if you let him.
114 Don't you want to see Quetzel? Come join us!
115 Go talk to AHS-7 and join up!
116 We have celebrities who are Hubologists, you know.
117 Juan Cruz and Vikki Goldman are famous! That's why I joined.
118 I'll bet the celebrities will talk to you if you're nice and cool.
119 I love the Hub.
120 I like being a Hubologist.
121 I want to actuate my potentiality.
122 I'm still learning the lingo, to tell the truth.
123 Praise the Hub!
124 Praise the Great Wheel!
125 We're going to Quetzel!
126 I'm looking forward to going home to the stars.
127 Please don't bother me; I'm concentrating my neurodynes.
128 Please don't de-align my neurodynes.
138 Oh no! The persecutor!
139 The unenlightened one!
140 Keep away from me, evil meat!
141 You obviously have some bad neurodynes!
142 No! Do not pollute me with your hatred!
143 Guards! Guards! The barbarian is here!
144 Don't touch me!
145 Help! Guards!
146 The enemy of our people!
147 The dark times are upon us again!
148 Star Father! Save me from the heathen!
149 Someone will smite you for your perfidy!
150 I love the Hub.
151 I like being a Hubologist.
152 I want to actuate my potentiality.
153 I'm still learning the lingo, to tell the truth.
154 Praise the hub!
155 Praise the Great Wheel!
156 We're going to Quetzel!
157 I'm looking forward to going home to the stars.
158 I'm about due for an alignment.
159 I'm waiting to hear AHS-9 speak again!
160 I hope my neurodynes are all right.
161 I want to be a higher Aligned Hub Seeker!
162 Time for me to focus on my self-growth.
163 "Real" science is all a pack of lies.
164 Don't listen to what "scientists" tell you.
165 Only the Hub and AHS-9 have the answer.
178 Praise the Star Father! We're going to the stars at last!
179 Planet Quetzel, here we come!
180 All that hard work has finally paid off!
181 My neurodynes are entirely relaxed now!
182 I'd better get aligned before we take off.
183 Ooh! The Star Father! The Star Father!
184 I'm all aflutter for the take-off!
185 How soon do we leave?
186 I'll bet the high AHS's aren't this jittery.
187 Wow... the stars. At last.

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