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100 You see a well-armed guard.
101 You see an Hubologist guard.
102 You see a well-armed person with a cruel look to the eyes.
103 Intruder!
104 Get the intruder!
105 Over here! Over here!
106 Time to die, infidel! The Great Wheel rolls over you!
107 We are the Guardians. You are to die now.
108 Star Father, guide my aim.
109 You have defiled our tenets!
110 If the lawyers don't work, our weapons will.
111 We are the long arm of the Hub's law.
112 Transgressor!
113 Watch your step.
114 Tread lightly, outsider.
115 Don't touch anything you're not supposed to.
116 If you step out of line, we'll make raw meat of you.
117 Be very, very careful.
118 We are the law of the Hub. Don't break it.
119 I am AHS-4.
120 I will "align" you if you misbehave.
121 I have sanction from the Great Wheel.
122 Greetings, fellow traveler.
123 Greetings,
124 Glad to have you with us.
125 Go on about your business.
126 Don't bother those who try to focus.
127 Your presence is welcome... over there.
128 The Hub has set us to watch over his flock.
129 The Star Father cares for you. That's why he gave you us.
130 We're loyal to AHS-9.
131 Obey.
132 Sleep.
133 Consume.
134 We have your best interests at heart.

The treacherous are ever distrustful.

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