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100 You see a man in metal armor.
101 You see Joshua.
102 You see a man wearing metal armor with a lightning bolt insignia on it.
103 Hello,
104 . I'm Joshua. What can I do for you?
105 How you know name?
106 How do you know my name?
107 Your recent activities have drawn attention to you. People talk and people listen, and word gets around. You need to remember that you are only one small fish in an ocean of sharks,
108 .
109 What that mean?
110 What do you mean by that?
111 Let's just say that you're the new kid on the block and you don't know what's going on in the neighborhood. There's a lot more going on than your simple quest...
112 Go on.
113 Go on, I'm listening.
114 I've said enough for now. I think you should get about your business.
115 Wait, me need ask question.
116 Wait, I need to ask you some questions.
117 All right, you're allowed one question. What will it be?
118 You know where me find GECK?
119 You know where me find Vault 13?
120 Me look for trader name Vic. Where I find?
121 Do you know where I can find a GECK?
122 Do you know where I can find Vault 13?
123 I'm looking for a trader named Vic. Do you know where I can find him?
124 The GECKs were a standard issue item for all vaults. If memory serves me right they were to be used after the vault opened to rebuild civilization. I can only assume that one could be found in an unopened vault. Good luck,
125 Thanks.
126 I've heard plenty of tales about Vault 13 and none of them speak of its whereabouts. Good luck,
127 Thanks.
128 Vic has run afoul of the slaver's guild. You can find him there. Good luck,
129 Wait! Where I find guild?
130 Wait, can you tell me where the slaver's guild is?
131 Hello again. I have nothing more to say to you.
132 . Well... You've certainly come a long way from the simple tribesman. You should visit our New California Republic office some time. You might find it rewarding. Now, if you'll excuse me...
133 Hello again. I have nothing more to say to you.
134 Wait...
135 That is a private office.
136 There is nothing for you in there.

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