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100 You see a bald punk.
101 You see Chip. He looks better.
102 You see a bald punk. He seems much recovered.
103 Ooh, my guts... ow, ow, ow.
104 Duts?
105 Owie?
106 What's the matter with you?
107 You're in pain? Ha ha ha.
108 Who are you?
109 Do you have any information for me about my people?
110 Oooh, my guts. I'm in pain. Please leave me alone.
111 Okey-dokey.
112 What's the matter with me? I'll tell you: It's that I got drunk last week, started gambling with Lao Chou, and lost. I was so blind drunk that I bet my spleen. Now he has it, and I need it back.
113 You SOLD your spleen?
114 That's too bad.
115 What a dummy you must be.
116 Yeah, well, I need some information instead of your bellyaching.
117 ::he gasps for air:: Fuck you.
118 ::he gasps for air:: Piss off.
119 Yeah, whatever.
120 Hey, I changed my mind. I want to help.
121 Yeah, I sold it. I was drunk! Plus, I think Lao Chou slipped some Jet in my drink. I need my spleen back because I'm getting infections now.
122 Hey, you lost it. It's your problem. You deal with it.
123 Well, hell, I'll take a look for it.
124 Yes, it is. I need my spleen back because I'm getting infections now.
125 Hey, you lost it. It's your problem. You deal with it.
126 Well, hell, I'll take a look for it.
127 I really appreciate this. Go talk to Lao Chou, the merchant, and tell him I need my spleen back.
128 I'll be back.
129 I'm Chip. And I'm in a lot of pain.
130 What's the matter with you?
131 You're in pain? Ha ha ha.
132 That's too bad. So long.
133 Information? I'm in pain and you want information?
134 What's the matter with you?
135 You're in pain? Ha ha ha.
136 Forget it.
137 Have you found my spleen yet?
138 Yes. Dr. Wong Yi Tze has it, and he'll give it back to you. Go talk to him about it.
139 Yes. Go check out Dr. Wong's corpse.
140 Kind of. Dr. Wong Yi Tze has it. He doesn't want to give it to me.
141 I found out where it is, but I think Dr. Wong has eaten it.
142 No, not yet. But I will.
143 No. Actually, I'm not looking.
144 All right. ::pant:: Before I do, maybe we ought to set up a way to get it back in me. Talk to Dr. Fung about that, right? Thanks.
145 All right.
146 No.
147 I really appreciate what you're doing for me. I won't forget it.
148 No prob.
149 Dude, I can't really get places without a lot of effort. If you can't help me, I'm screwed.
150 Fine. I'll go talk to Fung.
151 Fine. I don't give a crap about you anyway.
152 If you could do something about it... kill him, or talk some sense into him, or something... I'll die without it.
153 I'll see what I can do.
154 Sorry, man... I think you're screwed. I can't help.
155 With no spleen, I'm going to die. Thanks for your help anyway.
156 I found it. Go over to Dr. Wong's place.
157 Oh, I'll cover you. Get over to Fung's.
158 No prob. Good luck.
159 Did you talk to Fung?
160 Yeah, and he says he'll stick it in you for free.
161 Yeah, and he's charging me $1,000.
163 Wow. You have some serious connections. Come back in a day and I'll see what help I can give you.
164 You got it.
165 Can you cover me?
166 Yeah, I suppose.
167 No.
168 I really appreciate this. Come back in a day and I'll see what help I can give you.
169 You better.
170 I can't afford to do this on my own. I guess I'm going to die.
171 Oh, fine, I'll cover you.
172 Tough. I'm broke.
173 I can't tell you how much better I feel. Now, what was it you wanted from me?
174 How do I run this boat?
175 Where are my people? Do you know?
176 I need some computer work done.
177 Nothing right now, thanks. Bye.
178 Check with the Captain. He lives in the captain's office upstairs.
179 Thanks. More questions...
180 Thanks. Bye.
181 Word has it they got taken west, across the water. Your best bet in getting there is getting this tub running.
182 Thanks. More questions...
183 Thanks. Bye.
184 Computer work? If you can't get it from the Shi or the Hubologists, you'll want to talk to Badger. He's a whiz.
185 Thanks. More questions...
186 Thanks. Bye.
187 Shit. Talk to the Hubologists or the Shi. With Badger dead, I have no idea.
188 Thanks. More questions...
189 Thanks. Bye.
190 Scumbag.
191 You're going to need some painkillers.
192 Dirtball. I'm going to work you over.
193 You see a bald punk.
194 You see Chip. He appears to be in a lot of pain.
195 You see a bald punk. He is holding his side and gasping in pain.
196 All right. I will talk to Fung.
197 Any more luck with my spleen?
198 Yeah, and he wanted $1000 - but I paid for it.
199 Thanks for all your help, buddy.

Let me tell you why you're here. You know something. What you know, you can't explain, but you feel it. You felt it your entire life. There's something's wrong with the world. You don't know what, but it's there. Like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?

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