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100 You see a punk wearing a half-smile.
101 You see Badger.
102 You see a punk with a half-sneer across his face.
103 :::He belches loudly:: Whaddya want?
104 ::belch:::
105 You who?
106 Who are you?
107 Can you tell me about this tanker?
108 What do you do here?
109 I'd like you to hack into a computer for me.
110 How's the hacking coming?
111 Nothing. Nice belch.
112 ::He summons another throaty burp::
113 ::Belch louder::
114 Gross.
115 ::He spits forth a horrific belch that defies the very heavens in its volume and depth::
116 ::Applaud::
117 I'm Badger. I used to have a band. ::sigh:: Called ourselves There We Smolder. Now I'm the resident computer tech in San Fran.
118 Oh! Tanks!
119 What sort of computer stuff do you do?
120 I'll bet your band sucked.
121 Was the band any good?
122 Thanks. Bye.
123 Uhh... okay.
124 Bye!
125 You oughta talk to Marc or the Captain about that.
126 Where can I find Marc?
127 Where can I find the Captain?
128 I'm the resident computer genius.
129 What sort of computer stuff do you do?
130 Thanks. Bye.
131 Don't pester me. ::He farts:: I'm working on it, all right?
132 All right, all right. Just let me know when you're done.
133 Well, let's just say I'm an information retrieval specialist.
134 Can you retrieve some stuff for me?
135 What does that mean?
136 Yeah, well, fuck you.
137 Hey!
138 Fuck you, too.
139 I'll say! We kicked ass! Our singer was... umm... a bit of a ponce, and Aaron was always sweating, and everything else was Todd's fault. But we were good.
140 Too bad you're not back together. I'd like to have heard you.
141 Umm. Sure. I have more questions.
142 I'll bet you sucked.
143 You can usually find Marc down in the bar.
144 Thanks. I have more questions.
145 Thanks. That's all.
146 The Captain's usually in the bridge. Just go up the stairs in the bar.
147 Thanks. I have more questions.
148 Thanks. That's all.
149 Yeah, but it'll cost you.
150 What's your price?
151 Yeah, whatever. I gotta go.
152 It means that I can find data you need.
153 Can you do something for me?
154 I see. Cool. I have more questions.
155 I see. Thanks.
156 Yeah, you would have. Anyway, I have to get back to this.
157 Wait. I have more questions.
158 Thanks. See ya.
159 I think I like you enough that I can do it for you now. Who you want me to visit?
160 The Hubologists.
161 The Shi.
162 Neither. Just checking.
163 I suppose I can do it for free, since you checked for my girlfriend. It'll take a while, though. Who do you want me to hit?
164 The Hubologists.
165 The Shi.
166 Neither. Just checking.
167 You gotta do me a favor, first. My girlfriend got herself lost in the tanker. Find her for me and I'll do it.
168 You got it. See ya.
169 Forget it. See ya.
170 Like stealing candy from a baby. They'll never find me. What do you want from them?
171 Great. I have more questions.
172 Great. I'll be back.
173 I can get them. They're pretty protective of their info, and they've got some serious ice protecting their machines. Are you sure you want me to go after them?
174 Well, good luck. I have more questions.
175 Good luck. I'll be back later.
176 Hey, find my girlfriend and then we'll talk.
177 All right, all right.
178 She's dead? She's DEAD? How did she die? No, wait... don't tell me. Give me a few hours to get myself together.
179 Sure, sure.
180 Snap out of it, Sparky. We got shit to do.
181 All right. I'm better now.
182 Good. I need to ask you something.
183 Good for you. I didn't want to talk to you.
184 Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't thank you enough for saving her. What do you want?
185 I have some questions.
186 Your gratitude is enough for me. So long.
187 Okay, I got into the Shi computers. I don't know if I made it out undetected. I guess now the best thing is to hide. You want anything else?
188 Yes.
189 No. See ya.
190 Got the Hubologists. No problem. Need anything else?
191 Yes.
192 No. See ya.
193 You just made a big mistake, pal. I just turned the Shi and the Hubologists against you through their computers. You're finished in San Francisco.
194 I guess I'd better kill you then.
195 Give me a few hours to get myself together.
196 You want me to hack a formatted computer? The information's gone. It ain't gonna happen.
197 I am going to have to vacate this place.
198 Good to see ya.
199 I'm looking for some fuel.
200 I've heard the Hubologists have some fuel, and I could take a looksee in their computer for you.
201 The Shi have all the fuel around here. I could take a gander at their mainframe for you.
202 Can you?
203 What the hell do you want?
204 Badger of the punks, I presume?
205 You have disgraced our Emperor for the last time!
206 I think I will go get some candy from Lao Chou in town.
207 So much for a fair trial. Hmmm...
208 Dude, lighten up. I just wanted some candy.
209 Can you transfer the fuel from their spaceship to the tanker?
210 Can you get me a copy of their vertibird plan?
211 Can you transfer the fuel and get me the plans?
212 Yes, I need what they have.
213 Nah, I'll figure out another way.
214 All right, but shit might hit the fan.
215 Can you transfer the fuel from their reserves to the tanker?
216 Never mind, I'll do it another way.
217 Never mind.
218 Alright. Check back with me in a day or so and I'll let you know.
219 Did you get what I needed?
220 Yeah, I got the fuel.
221 Yeah, I got the verti plans.
222 Yeah, I got the fuel and the plans.
223 Thanks a lot. See ya.

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