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100 You see Buffy, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.
101 You see Doombot, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.
102 You see Panoply, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.
103 You see Lerk, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.
104 You see Ymir, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.
105 You see Iguana Eater, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.
106 You see Night Owl, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.
107 You see Shadow Dancer, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.
108 You see Amish Commando, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.
109 You see Alexand the Killer Bee, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.
110 You see Hatchetman, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.
111 You see BlueCross, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.
113 You see Buffy, a very beautiful, intelligent and perky cheerleader. First Woman of the Unwashed Villagers.
114 You see Doombot, Sound Goddess and sister to Buffy. She kinda looks like Marie Osmond.
115 You see Panoply, a pixie-like girl, whose eyes betray a slight case of dementia.
116 You see Lerk, Leader of The Unwashed SWAT Team - Artist Of The Unwashed Villagers - Tree Talker.
117 You see Ymir, the down under Poet & Co-Founding Member of the Poetry Bastards - Village Educator.
118 You see Iguana Eater, High Lord of Smeet Lite.
119 You see Night Owl, He Who Watches Over The Sleeping - Co-founder Of the Poetry Bastards.
120 You see Shadow Dancer, Gothic Poetry Bastard - Oddly, he looks a lot like Kevin Bacon.
121 You see Amish Commando, Commissar Of Blunt Force Trauma, Sub-commander Of The Unwashed SWAT Team.
122 You see Alexand the Killer Bee, a gentle and intelligent variety of killer bee - Head Scribe Of The Unwashed Villagers.
123 You see Hatchetman, Gunsmith of the Unwashed - Starter of fires - Keeper of the Shadowrun lore.
124 You see BlueCross, Low Priest of the Unwashed - Manufacturing Director.
200 Unwashed Villagers save the day, once again!
201 Death is too good for him.
202 And stay dead!
203 The village is safe, once again!
204 We protect the innocent and keep the peace.
205 And we're off to patrol the wastes. Keeping it save from spammers.
206 Come join us sometime!
207 Parting is such sweet sorrow....
208 And the Devil came and saw how awful goodness was ....
209 Payback's a bitch, aint it?
210 Grim has finally found a use - fertilizer.
211 That's what you get for using soap...
212 We're out of here!
213 'This house is clean.'
214 Can I poke him with a stick to make sure?
215 Don't wait up for us!
216 Its a dirty job, and I really enjoy it!
217 Back to patrol!
218 The Unwashed Villagers. Keeping peace in a blasted wasteland.
219 He got what he deserved.
220 I'll race ya!
300 Soap? We don't need no sticking soap!
301 Rally unwashed! Destroy the Spammer!
302 Death to the Spammer!
303 This is for threatening people's lives!
304 Now you will die Grim Reaper.
305 You're going back 'down under'!
306 The gene pool needs a little chlorine.
307 Pay back time!
308 Now you're going to get it.
309 The Unwashed Villager are here to protect people from scum like you!
310 Leave people alone!
311 The power of DIRT!
312 We may be Unwashed but we're here to clean up!
313 You can not escape us this time!
314 Protect the Chosen One from the Spammer's idiocies!
315 Chosen One! Join us!
317 You will never be 'Unwashed' childish fool!
318 You don't have a chance!
319 We're not finished yet!
320 I've been waiting for this day for a looooong time.
400 This is for threatening me!
401 Like I'm sure! You wouldn't hurt a girl are you?
402 'Revenge is a dish best served cold.'
403 I'm Buffy... your toast.
405 No one threatens Doombot!
406 Grim Buster!
410 Only a guanabana could compare with the taste of this victory...
415 The village is a happy place, but you made it very, very angry.
420 You have embarrassed our country with your actions for the last time!
430 I'm gonna put you to sleep for good!
435 We're all going to hell, and I'm driving the bus.
436 Come my child, let me take your pain away.
437 You're dead. You just don't know it yet.
440 Get some!
441 You want some of this?
442 Not the face, not the face!
445 Dante hasn't written about the hell I'm sending you to...
450 Guns! Guns! Guns! Where are my guns!
451 Ok, yes. I'm crazy. Deal with it.

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