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16 Results For ECVLTPAT.MSG
100 Must warn Lynette!
101 Must warn Vault City!
102 Outworlder scum...
103 Degenerate filth...
104 Time to weed out more outworlder trash... Die, outworlders!
105 What are you doing around Vault City?
106 What is your business near Vault City?
107 This is part of the Vault City territory.
108 Watch yourself.
109 Vault City is not a sanctuary for *everyone.* So move on.
110 Your kind belongs at the Den.
111 I suggest you go there now.
112 Hello, citizen.
113 Anything we can do for you, citizen?
114 Do you need an escort to Vault City?
115 What are you doing so far from Vault City, citizen?

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