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100 You see a dirty, unshaven man.
101 Trapper.
102 Best not get too close. Some of the critters in his clothes might be looking for a cleaner home.
103 Howdy. Don't come across people too often out here in trapper country. Whatcha want?
104 Do you have any gecko pelts for sale?
105 Just passing through.
106 Ug.
107 Well, I reckon I might be able to sell ya my pelts. It'll save me the trouble of going into town.
108 What do you have?
109 Never mind.
110 Ug.
111 Here's what I got:
112 regular gecko pelts.
113 golden gecko pelts.
114 I'll take all you got.
115 Maybe next time. Bye.
116 Nice doing business with ya. See you around.
117 Bye.
118 Seems you're short on cash. How about you give me five minutes with yer woman. I'll make it worth your while.
119 Seems you're short on cash. How bout give'n me 5 minutes with yer man. You know what I mean. I can give you pelts in trade.
120 Seems you're short on cash. Tell you what, I've been in these woods for a LONG time, if you catch my drift. I'll make it worth your while.
121 Sure.
122 Not a chance. Bye.
123 [Miria will forgive you...eventually. But on the positive side, the trapper gave you some pelts.]
124 [Davin seems no worse for wear after the experience.]
125 [You feel dirty in more than one sense of the word - but you got some gecko pelts.]
126 Bye.
127 [He holds up his right hand and says] How. Me mighty trapper. Hunt big geckos. Me no mean trespass on your land. Leave peacefully. [He hands you a gecko pelt as a gift.]
128 [END]
129 I've got no more business with you.
130 Yellow bellied sapsucker!
131 This is my hunting territory. Leave!
132 I'll skin you alive!
133 I'm gonna use your head as a trophy.
134 One regular gecko pelt: $
135 One golden gecko pelt: $
136 OK, warden. You win.
137 Lucky for you, I have to go check my traps.
200 You see a dirty, haggard woman.

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