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100 You see...Set.
101 You see a decaying ghoul with machine parts sticking out of his head. It's hard to tell whether he's senile or not.
102 You see Set. He is talking to himself.
103 You see Set. He is talking to himself.
104 "Dirtnap!"
105 "Dirtnap!"
106 "Dirtnap...Makes my shadow GROW."
107 Heh-heh.
108 Dirt.
109 Nap.
110 Dirtnap!
111 Heh-heh. I ruuule Necropolis.
112 Normies. Everywhere, normies.
113 Name's Set. Yours is World-a-hurt.
114 Chuckle-chuckle.
115 Nap. Dirt. Napdirt!

The Sheep were easily fooled. They persuaded the Dogs to go away, and that very evening the Wolves had the grandest feast of their lives.

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