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100 You see...a red-haired heroine model.
101 You see a strikingly attractive red-haired woman in a Vault 13 jumpsuit. She is glaring angrily into the distance.
102 You see a red-haired heroine model. She is glaring into the distance.
103 You see a red-haired heroine model. She is glaring into the distance.
104 I can't believe I didn't make the final cut in Fallout 1.
105 They chose that black-haired *strumpet* instead. Of all the nerve!
106 A *black-haired* female model. Can you get any more generic? BOR-ing.
107 Redheads are infinitely more interesting.
108 That black-haired female model got in only because she slept with *every* artist on the team.
109 AND the programmers.
110 AND the project leader. They're soooo easily swayed. Show a little skin, and their spines turns to rubber.
111 So I get shafted and end up being "filler NPCs" in Vault 13. Keee-rist. Talk about typecasting.
112 I'm surprised they rendered that black-haired female model with any clothes.
113 I mean, it's not like she was IN them very much during the screening process.
114 *Sigh*
115 I hate men.
116 Well, except for that dreamy Scotty Everts.
117 I think he stuck up for me. I only had to sleep with him a few times for him to vote for me.

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